Republic Act No. An Act Ordaining Reforms in the Electric Power Industry, Amending for the purpose certain laws and for other purposes. Republic Act No AN ACTORDAINING REFORMS IN THE in accordance with law andrevoke, review and modify such certificates,licenses or the electric In pursuance thereof, Section 5of RA otherwise known as “The .. Reforming the Philippine Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA). RA The Electric Power Industry Reform Act of AN ACT REFORMS IN THE ELECTRIC POWER INDUSTRY, AMENDING FOR THE PURPOSE CERTAIN LAWS AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. EPIRA Pager.

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KERB, fearful of the uncertainty of the employment status of its members, filed the present petition on 20 December The Public Service Commission PSC had jurisdiction, supervision, and control over all public services, including the electric power service.

Shortcut for viewing the content section of the current page. On the other hand, removal implies that the office and its related positions subsist and that the occupants are merely separated from their positions. A valid order of abolition must not only come from a legitimate body, it must also be made in good faith. Debts of Electric Cooperatives.

This certifies it as a stable and referenceable technical standard. In appropriate cases, the ERC is authorized to issue cease and desist order after due notice and hearing. As of February 1,of the two hundred twelve ERB employees, one hundred thirty eighty [sic] were rehired and appointed to ERC plantilla positions and sixty six 66 opted to retire or be separated from the service. Such rules and regulations shall define the following:. Energy resource means any substance or phenomenon which by itself or in combination with others, or after processing or refining or the application to it of technology, emanates, generates or causes the emanation or generation of energy, such as but not limited to, petroleum or petroleum products, coal, marsh gas, methane gas, geothermal and hydroelectric sources of energy, uranium and other similar radioactive minerals, solar energy, tidal power, as well as non-conventional existing and potential sources.


Historical Background

Upon the effectivity of this Act, any new generation company shall, before it operates, secure from the Energy Regulatory Commission ERC a certificate of compliance pursuant to the standards set forth in this Act, as well as health, safety and environmental clearances from epifa appropriate government agencies under existing laws.

Provided, howeverThat generation companies, distribution utilities or their respective holding companies that are already listed in the PSE are deemed in compliance.

Joint Congressional Power Commission. The ERC shall make copies of such reports available to any interested party upon payment of a charge which reflects the printing costs. A small distribution company is one whose peak demand is equal to Ten megawatts 10MW. In case the rate setting methodology used is RORB, it shall be 9163 to the following guidelines:.

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Position Papers

There should not be any controversy if there is an explicit declaration of abolition in the law itself. The law ordains the division of the industry into four 4 distinct sectors, namely: Thus, impairment of the constitutional guarantee of security of tenure does not arise in the abolition of an office. The Act abolished the ERB and created in its place the Energy Regulatory Commission ERC which is a purely independent regulatory body performing the combined quasi-judicial, quasi-legislative and administrative functions in the electric industry.


After almost four decades, significant developments in the energy sector changed la landscape of economic regulation in the country.

For existing companies, such public offering shall be implemented not later than five 5 years from the effectivity of this Act. Shortcut for contact page or form inquiries. ProvidedThat in the establishment of the performance standards, the nature and function of the entities shall be considered; and. We thus need to compare the provisions enumerating the powers and functions of the ERB and the ERC to see whether they have substantially the same functions.

Thursday, 11 October Napocor inaugurates first mini grid in Palawan Friday, 21 September Napocor restores power to Typhoon Ompong affected islands and off-grid areas Thursday, 06 September Napocor remits dividends to lad national coffers Thursday, 30 August Napocor terminates water spilling operations at San Roque dam.

Republic Act No. | DOE | Department of Energy Portal

The rationale was to consolidate and entrust into a single body all the regulatory and adjudicatory functions pertaining to the energy sector. Corollarilythe NPC generating plants have to privatized and its transmission business spun off and privatized thereafter. On November 7,Commonwealth Act No. Thereafter, several epirs were enacted on public utility regulation.

Where there is no occupant, there is no tenure to speak of. Such fees shall be fixed by the ERC after due notice and public hearing. The ERC shall verify the reasonable amounts and determine the manner and duration for the full recovery of stranded debt and stranded contract costs as defined herein x x x x.