[IEbook] PDF Download Emotiile distructive. Cum le putem depasi? Dialog stiintific cu Dalai Lama. Editia a II-a, by Daniel Goleman. [MEbook] PDF Download Emotiile distructive. Cum le putem depasi? Dialog stiintific cu Dalai Lama. Editia a II-a, by Daniel Goleman. Destructive Emotions has ratings and reviews. Unfortunately, Daniel Goleman rather gets in the way of the “dialogue” to which the title refers.

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The relevant discoveries illustrate how we can r Fascinating!

Destructive Emotions: A Scientific Dialogue with the Dalai Lama by Daniel Goleman

Letting the other person complete her sentence and not finishing it for her. Carte Paperback — February It also provides antidotes of astonishing psychological sophistication–which are now being confirmed by modern neuroscience.

Jan 05, Carlos Xavier rated it it was amazing. This is why on-line book Emotiile Distructive. Would not recommend unless you have insomnia. Carte Paperback — 15 Jun I don’t want to give too much away because this is a must read for everyone. In order to better portrait the participants, The author also gives some short information about their lives and what motivates them in their research.

Strategy was how you deployed your resources; tactics were how battles were fought. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


CD-Audio — March When applied to the archive of email traffic at Enron Corporation before it folded, the method correctly identified the roles of top-level managers and their subordinates just by how long it took them to answer a given person’s emails. The book has some useful information regarding types of focus inner,outer,and otherand how it relates to the brain, how it relates to early childhood, focus in leadership, and other “random” information that the author tries to relate to the subject of the boo While I was reading the book, I had doubt if I wasn’t focusing with danifl book or it is an unfocus book despite the title and the essence of the book!


I took a really long time to read this book. In other words it’s not an easy book but i recommend it if you want to expand your knowledge in cognitive psychology and neuroscience and how they can be aplied through right behaviours in society even reach the goal to become the right type of leader.

These may indeed be very important to deal with, but it seems incongruous with a totally even-handed look at “The Hidden Driver of Excellence”. Paperbackpages. Carte Paperback — 07 Nov So, I picked up this book one Sunday afternoon from Fullybooked The Block while waiting for my wife and daughter to arrive.

With new high-tech devices, scientists can peer inside the brain centers that calm the inner storms of rage and fear. And while this isn’t an issue for me, Goleman concludes on a slightly political note by arguing that the highest form of focus humankind could muster right now is to stop doing things like harming the planet and increasing the wealth gap. As important as intelligence is the ability to have self-control over what you pay attention to, given the context.

I thought I knew all of these or maybe I used to know but somehow lost them. Carte Hardback — 05 Sep Return to Danel Page. At times, my attention definitely dipped. Finding time to decompress, or be ‘fully in the moment’, requires a level of Self Awareness covered in Part II.

Our company offer you Emotiile Distructive. Specially in the area of Mental Health where western psychology is failing the citizens by ignoring the science they should be knowing. Another nice example is Jeanne Tsai, who was b The book was written as the proceedings of the eighth Mind and Life meeting, distructiv as the main topic destructive emotions. Perspectivele diferite ale stiintei si filozofiei, caracteristice gandirii occidentale si celei orientale, se imbina aici, creand o simbioza intre opiniile wmotiile la dialog.


And anybody who cannot One of the top 10 most useful books I’ve ever read. Are they universal, or does culture determine how we feel?

Veti gasi raspunsuri la aceste intrebari in cartea de fata, in paginile careia Daniel Goleman reda discutiile purtate, in cadrul unui seminar de cinci zile, intre Dalai Lama si un mic emotlile de psihologi, neurologi si filozofi. You really can’t walk away with any single idea more complex than, “Attention is important,” since there isn’t a through-line, no particular thing he’s trying to prove or demonstrate.

The book was written as the proceedings of the eighth Mind and Life meeting, having as the main topic destructive emotions. Really grateful for this book.

Ca sa intelegi mecanismele, ce declanseaza atentia, ce te mentine preocupat si focusat pe un subiect. Substance Abuse treatment is great example of treatment failure.

Science have its errors, but good honest and ethical distrutive is the best way we have to reach and be in the process of finding truths. Everything I love, spirituality, psychology, neurology.

And it appears his only real advice for focusing is about mindfulness, which sounds promising. Soundview’s 8-page Executive Book Summary of Focus is available here. Definitely plausible, but very hard to swallow as a person who has struggled with willpower for thirty years.