Julia James – Emboscada De Pasión. El engaño le costó demasiado caro Athan Teodarkis conocía bien a las de su clase, mujeres que recibían todo tipo de. Leer libro Emboscada de pasión Julia James online, El engaño le costó demasiado caro Athan Teodarkis conocía bien a las de su clase, mujeres que . Download libros Emboscada de pasión Julia James pdf,. El engaño le costó demasiado caro Athan Teodarkis conocía bien a las de su clase, mujeres que .

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Oct 13, Rupinder rated it liked it Shelves: You never really know ho 4.

Originally posted at http: Feb 21, Mel rated it it was ok. Like, what was going on and why? But to turn Leon down would be to deny her body’s deepest desires. Too much angst, too much tension, too much plotting for a misunderstanding that can be embosada with one confrontation. You never really know how far this author is going to take her theme and I, for one, love this style of romance novels.

Enter the brother in law of the guy who’s giving Marisa access to a better life. If you want to remove ads for yourself and your file viewers or just want to support us subscribe to a PRO account. Well, the big secret relationship which I figured out in the first chapter is finally revealed. Nov 19, Michele rated it it was ok. To embed a single file hover over it and click “embed”. Apr 24, Sonotjade rated it did not like it Shelves: Summoned to yet another of his ostentatiously lavish parties, she finds that her one order is to be “nice” to a wealthy investor.


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Una Obsesi n Jennie Lucas. To let the self-made billionaire bed her would be to do her unscrupulous father’s bidding.


I don’t even know what to say! Add tags An error occurred. It didn’t take til the end of the jamws for the hero to feel remorse for the crazy ass shit he was pulling. There was such emotion present in the novel that I in fact teared up numerous times. Please try again or try another download method!

Painted the Other Woman by Julia James

I actually thought for a second — okay, two pages — that Marisa really was the other woman, which would be totally out of left field for a modern Harlequin Presents and therefore interesting.

Subscribe to a PRO account. Nor did I get the reason why the H broke up the affair when he didn’t want to. I just couldn’t figure out the plot. No trivia or quizzes yet. Some parts the author lingered on usually those we don’t want to hear about and others she practically skipped upon, like the Can ja,es say total cliche?

Julia James: List of Books by Author Julia James

She adores the Mediterranean and the English countryside in all its seasons, and is fascinated by all things historical, from castles to cottages. Sospechando que el marido de su hermana tenia una aventura con la hermosa Marisa Milburne, Athan decidio ponerle freno a cualquier precio.


Name Date Size Downloads Views. I really needed him to grovell more, that apology and offer to walk away was meh. Cautiva del Rey del Desierto Annie West. Aug 07, Lynda rated it it was ok Shelves: Download this file Download with P2P Add to my juliaa.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Athan Teodarkis believed his brother-in-law was grooming Marisa Milburne to be his mistress. You could tell from the start that Marisa was the illegitament daughter of Ian’s philandering father. I did not understand why she kept her relationship with her brother a secret.

I did read the juliw parts where he dumps her and she’s too clueless to realize what he thinks is going on, the big reveal and the end. The passion that explodes from all the confusion, misunderstanding and withheld feeling is powerful and intense, and as a result the love between the hero and heroine feels genuine.