EMAKO BLUE is a strong second novel for Brenda Woods and a worthy follow-up to her award-winning debut, THE RED ROSE BOX. Emako is. The Paperback of the Emako Blue by Brenda Woods at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Readers can become immersed not only in the story of Emako’s short life, but that of Monterey, her middle-class friend; Jamal, a “player” with.

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As soon as I picked up, I knew it might be one of the first books I ever cried over.

With her confident attitude, endearing nature, incredible singing voice, and exceptional beauty both inside and out, Emako makes a lasting impression on everyone. One day while her best friend Monterey was over her house, someone was driving by the house looking for Donte while Donte and his friend was sitting on the porch. It does make you cry in the end but it could become emajo of your favorite books as well. She was sought out by record producers and appeared to be destined for greatness.

Sep 19, Marlie Renfort rated it it was ok. Fisher rated it really liked it. Emao could feel jealousy and lust creeping around the room, and when she finished singing the room was as quiet as a library at midnight. Three high-school friends and one enemy relate their memories as they attend the funeral of a beautiful, enormously talented girl from South Los Angeles.

It broke into pieces. Emako had a wonderful life, and was even offered a record deal at one of her schools’ performances. Unfortunately, the streets of Los Angeles changed all of that.

Booklist Review

I really liked the emao cover too, it gives the reader depiction of what the characters looked like. Jul 09, Anna rated it really liked it. Even so, many teens will want this for the wrenching story and for the young, up-to-the-minute African American voices that, like the characters in Janet McDonald’s novels, ask bule questions about friendship, race, love, and how best to navigate dangerous neighborhoods, self-absorbed parents, and their own flaws–and realize their dreams.


As she went outside to get the phone back from her brother a car drove by and the bullet ekako for her brother took Emako’s life instead. But,when you read the rest and get to know her story,and what happened before her death,its even sadder,because you get to know her,and then you miss her.

They miss him and end up killing Emako. On the back of the book it says something like: The ending of this book made me extremely sad and ekako started crying very much. Preview — Emako Blue by Brenda Woods. I think everyone has their own way to tell a story and this book does an excellent job in doing so. She had an amazing voice and was probaly the best singer in the chorus because she had a sweet voice.

Monterey a friend, freshmenJamal a lover, seniorEddie someone that understood her, senior and Savannah a rival, senior come to together to tell the story that led up to this event in the bad side of Central Los Angeles.

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Jun 10, Victoria Aldea rated it it was amazing. She was the best singer wmako had ever heard, with a voice like vanilla incense, smoky and sweet. And talks about drama and relations about Emako Blue. Emako had an older brother who wasn’t exactly what you would call a “role model”.

Emako Blue, by Brenda Woods | Booklist Online

She was destined for greatness, already plucked from South Central Los Angeles by the r Emako Blue was supposed to be a star. Emako Blue is about a girl named Emako Blue who had hopes and dr Emako Blue by Brenda Woods Brenda Woods has had some wonder novels that she has written in the past, but I got to say that Emako Blue was the best out of all of them. One theme that I get from this book is accident can happen anytime, so please enjoy and treasure the moments we still have each other.


Woods keeps you engaged and your eyes locked in this book. Each character is well drawn and believable, especially Emako.

I had to read this for work, and Eako think it’s a good book for its time, but overall I felt like it was kind of too “scripted. She was a nice and warm hearted person and could have been something in life. She was a person with a good heart, amazing boice and a body to match.

The story changes points of view every chapter.

Word around school was that Savannah had a big butt. The story was very rushed i think. Jul 24, Jazmine rated it it was amazing. She was the only girl Jamal cared about, the one who saw through his player act. I really liked this book, it gave real situations and gave lots feelings. Jamal, and Savannah wants to finish high school and move on.

My moms knocked on the door. Nov 14, Xiao Wen rated it it was amazing Shelves: