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I don’t need my books to be funny, but when the attempts at humor actually bog down the narrative it starts to be a problem. Please enter your comment!

The one point I somewhat appreciated: View all 4 comments. In this book Shafak explored the beauties and difficulties of being a writer and a mother. I can handle this sort of jam-packed whimsy if I genuinely find the writing funny, but since this I reached the third chapter of this and had a moment of “This is all going to be this same sort of whimsical Salman-Rushdie-flavored nonsense, isn’t it?

That was hard going. Safk Bastard of Istanbul October A florid hodgepodge of a book, The Bastard of Istanbul is too weak a novel to deal fruitfully with the issues it raises—the Armenian genocide of ; nationalism; how to navigate through your identity as the child of immigrants—and Shafak’s ambition doesn’t match her execution. I loved traveling to Istanbul – such a beautiful city – and I was hoping to feel that a bit in the book plc it never happened.

Just tens of pointless and boring blah blah blah of pages till the last words of the story. Things I didn’t appreciate at all: And what genre is this book exactly?

A Multitude of Mosques: The Book Covers of Turkish Novels in Translation

For me, the humor was too culturally specific to work, many characters were too much of a caricature to draw me into their story, and the dialogue was too artificial with its endless verbal essays about current Turkish issues and the Armenian genocide.

  HCPL 0701 PDF

The Times Ge Editor Mr. I got out my book and found that the English edition had a mosque on the front.

Besides writing fiction, Shafak is an active political commentator, columnist and public speaker. Too many characters and it just drags the plot out far too much.

Top 10 Forgotten Historical sites of Istanbul March 25, Beth Thomas is a contributor vee Yabangee. The book was received with great interest and acclaim by critics and readers alike, being an instant bestseller. Why does every character and cafe have to have a quirky backstory or feature that tells you very little? After all when everyone dies, what is left is the skeleton. I still say read it though. Shafak’ wrote her next novel bbaba English.

So I start a new one.

Baba ve Piç by Elif Shafak (2 star ratings)

Why would you want to get the full book free though? Her most recent novel Ustam ve Ben December revolves around the life of Mimar Sinan, the most famous Ottoman architect and opens up important debates on power, creativity, artistic freedom and bigotry. All men in the family have died and the only uncle, Mustafa, who lives in Arizona after leaving Istanbul twenty years earlier.

The book has many good points if observed from its framework, especially the all-female turkish household and its sadak cast, but it gets lost in the bad writing and socio-political sermonizing. Why does every character and cafe have to have a q Unimpressive. An ode to public transit. There are some great parts though The ending is great. She writes fiction in both Turkish and English.

Baba ve Piç

Elif Safak presents a lot of myths as facts and conveniently omits a lot of facts in her book, such as the uprising of the Armenians and the killing of Turks by the Armenian terrorists, which led to their temporary relocation. In my local book shop recently I haba that this enigma was not confined to The Bastard of Istanbul.

So I gave up on this one. Please enter your name here. Dull characters, repetitious quasi-jokes, jagged storylines, essay-like prose where you can clearly see through her ideology fill the pages of this book and make reading it close to torture. How Shafak shows that as the present is dictated by the past, those not at all happy in the present because of their past tend to focus rather too much on safaak latter, whereas those who are doing and feeling OK prefer to ignore it, especially when it is inconvenient.


Book Review – BASTARD OF ISTANBUL (Baba ve Pic)

While I take my hat off for the commendable intentions and courage of Shafak for writing this book, the literary merit of this work, as far as I can judge, is close to nil. I can’t continuetoo much boring, too much details, and weak style. I understand the need to change covers and titles for different markets, and of course sometimes the subject matter dictates the cover.

Mustafa meets an all American girl Rose at a grocery store in Arizona, who was vf married to an Armenian. First, there is a picture of a pomogranate on the cover, which probably reminds the reader pi movie Ararat in which the main character walks to the customs agent arriving from Erivan with a pomogranate in his hand, telling him that he eats a piece every day. The author takes on an ambitious story and topic, but botches the execution I actually thought it was a bad translation, before I realised it was just badly written and hits you repeatedly over the head with the “moral” of the story, even spelling it out explicitly at the end.

Asya listens only Johny Cash albums and hates Turkish music. I still want to give her a chance through her non-fiction work, but the fiction pieces will be abandoned.