Prace i Materiały Instytutu Rozwoju Gospodarczego / Szkoła Główna Handlowa Bartkowiak, R., Ekonomia rozwoju, Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne. Contact: [email protected], Poznań University of Life Sciences, ul . Wojska. Polskiego Natalia Bartkowiak-Bakun. Poznań .. Roczniki Naukowe Ekonomii Rolnictwa Monitoring rozwoju obszarów wiejskich Moni- toring of. Natalia Bartkowiak-Bakun. Poznań University of Life . Roczniki Naukowe Ekonomii Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Obszarów Wiejskich, (2).

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Sign in to annotate. It is evident that the world economy will be more and more divided into the affluent centre and poor peripheries.

Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Rzeszowskiej. Abstract Due to the diversity of the world economy, there is no economic theory that could be treated as an economic paradigm. Can the EU meet the challenges ahead? Rural areas, especially peripheral areas, are undoubtedly the territories of unused potential.

Selected aspects of the history of economic thought

Journal of Economic Literaturevol. Economical Natural Selection and the Theory of the Firm.

Abstract The following paper is a theoretical and empirical study. The development of the economic thought was shaped by the evolution of various visions, trends and views of contemporary thinkers, observers of social life, researches of the cause and effects of the economic activity.


Corporate bankruptcy and survival on the market: lessons from evolutionary economics

Argenti in terms of models. Studia Regionalne i Lokalne, 1 The following paper is a theoretical and empirical study. The Philosophy of Economics, D.

The author of the article seeks to show the disputes and controversies over the ideas, the approaches and the theories that had influence on the transformation of the economy in all periods of history.

An Essay on the Theory of Production. The article is an attempt to present some aspects of the history of economic thought from the ancient time to the present days.

Purpose of the article: Factors shaping bartkowiam agricultural land market in Poland Land Use Policy, 30 1. Location rent as a determinant of the socio-economic development of rural areas in Poland.

However, the importance of other approaches, i. The research findings did not show a simple dependence between rural development and the share of former state-owned farms in the communes.

Environmental Quality as a Decisive Variable in Shaping Regional Development Policy

The terminological differences between bankruptcy and insolvency have been indicated and compared in the article. The first of them emphasizes the economic character of bankruptcy.


Lessons from Marshall, Young, Steindl and Penrose. The historical condition of the modern concepts and economic ideas was recalled. An attempt to quantify the identification factors of sustainable rural development: Selected problem areas of South-Western Poland. The English rural community.

Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne, 83— The bartkowika model concept in statistical mapping. Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Corporate Financial Fragility. Most frequently considered aspects of bankruptcy appear in definitions. They all form a combined geographical-historical approach which is the only one appropriate to explain the persistence of poverty, being responsible for social deprivation and social limits to economic growth, as well as the symptoms of natural limits to growth on a global scale.

University of Michigan Press. Warsaw School of Economics, 64— Peripheral regions and issues of peripheral settlement systems. Firms and Industries in Evolutionary Economics: