Öz. Bu çalışmanın amacı, yiyecek ve içecek işletmelerinin duyusal pazarlama farkındalıklarını belirlemek ve işletmelerin bilerek ya da bilmeyerek kullandıkları. Duyusal pazarlama, müşterilerin duyularına hitap ederek duygu ve .. Araştırmalar gösteriyor ki günümüzde duyusal pazarlama markalar için olmazsa olmaz bir. Duyular ve duyusal uyarıcılar, tek başına veya bir arada, tüketicilerin ürün, marka, hizmet ortamı gibi pazarlama unsurları hakkında çıkarım.

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An integrative review of sensory marketing: Journal of Consumer Psychology, 20, English Turkish English Login. What is Sensory Marketing. Impact of color on marketing.

PAZARLAMA STTRATEJİSİ by asuman güzelbayram on Prezi

The 17th Annual Symposium pp. British Food Journal, 2 Is it the plate or is it the food? Chemical Senses, 31 4 Sensory marketingsensesperceptionpackaging color.

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Handbook of consumer psychology, Background music as an influence in consumer mood and advertising responses. An extension of dual coding theory.

Multisensory congruence and its effect on the aesthetic experience. The structure of value: Journal of Consumer Psychology, 22 3 So, senses in marketing has been studied under the new approach, sensory marketing.

Journal of Consumer Research,34 6 The infl uence of haptic information on product judgments. Journal of marketing communications, 12 1 The multisensory perception of flavor.

The interactive effects of colors and products on perceptions of brand logo appropriateness. Food Quality and Preference, 24 1 Exploring the superadditive effects of scent and pictures on verbal recall: Journal of Business Research, 49 2 Journal of Consumer Research, 37 duyksal In this study, the effect of lazarlama packaging color on consumer expectations of the intensity of the scent and the softness of the washed clothes with softener has been researched in the extent of the effect of vision on smell and touch.


The perceptual transfer of product container haptic cues.

duyusal pazarlama stratejisi

A sense of things to come. Scent across a crowded room: As a result, the perception of the colors that are used in products and packages should be evaluated in context and the influence of the colors on senses should be considered in addition to the meanings of the colors that are widely known. Applied marketing science, 5 3 An exploratory study on the impact of involvement level and time pressure. Pazwrlama cross-national study of color meanings and preferences.