48, Dumitru Irimia, Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane, Editura Științifică și , Iorgu Iordan, Stilistica limbii române, Editura Științifică, 47, Dumitru Irimia, Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane, Editura Științifică și Enciclopedică, I. Stil, stilistică, limbaj, Editura Academiei, 48, Dumitru Irimia, Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane, Editura Științifică și Enciclopedică, 71, Valeria Guțu Romalo, Corectitudine și.

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According to Gearhart the model of conquering and converting of human interaction is the one that dominates the entire masculine rhetoric. He is also a poet and literary translator, coeditor of the international scholarly journal ELOPE, member of the editorial board of the leading Slovene literary and humanist magazine Nova Revija, and a corresponding fellow of The English Association.

The alternative is found in the Buddhists texts and practices. Therefore, the different intensities of the personality of the preacher become sensitive and, thus, susceptible to influenceto the same extent, both to the autogenerative ideation of the discourse and to the personal presence of those he has in front. There are several researches on professionalization of the communication field in Romania, still the question is worth being analyzed.

Corporate apologia can be applied in specific crisis communication cases. There can be a discussion concerning how to arrange the only social vs. The final accent is laid upon the necessity of professionalizing the public discourse of the politicians alongside with concrete proposals regarding such a process.

Tendinţe reperabile în textele unor melodii româneşti din epoca postcomunistă

It does not evaluate. International Journal of Higher Education and Democracy. Despite these theoretical guidelines about it, the person frequently proves, in situations that would justify the predictability of its behavior, a deep spontaneous character, inconsistent with the expectations of the others.

In brief, among the main principles and characteristics of Zen rhetoric we can mention: Watson Conference in Rhetoric and Composition.


Figure 6 — Group sociogram above and the marked point with black of the 9 participant from the most viral post below The sociogram was designed on Januaryat the end of the first semester and in the same period January 11th—12thwhen the most viral post were encountered.

It stresses the mesage development and presentation part of the crisis response.

This initiative can be seen as a call for mobilisation addressed to research institutes regarding the necessity of sustained science communication towards the public, which is crucial for adapting to the new context in which research centres activate. There are also other causes for this decrease in the future years: In Transylvania Review of Public Administration, nr.

If the image of the scientist could have been, until recently, an efficient vector through which financing could be attracted, nowadays, because of the more impersonal character of the research activity, this instrument becomes insufficient. Rhetorical invention is the first canon of the art of persuasion.

The non-argumentative rhetoric influences the conversational dynamics and influences the social and personal changes in a new manner as compared to our Greek Occidental tradition. We consider that Zen rethoric suceeds, to a certain extent, to follow the road opened in philosophy by Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Affective Valencies of the Homiletic Discourse

Markets for local information emerged and the interest of the public for local information increased. Legislation has helped too.

Her research fields are translation studies, communication, Romanian literature, French literature, Francophone literature, comparative stilistics, stylistics of Romanian poetry, and rhetoric. This study follows some of the essential coordinates of the public communication deontology and of the professional communication within the public space and structuga underlines, by contrast, the slippages from the requirements of an authentic and professional public communication, evident in instances of Romanian contemporary political discourse.

The Public Understanding of Science movement: At this point, the popular culture mechanisms prove to be structra proper instrument for promotion, such as shown by the concrete case of the ESA products and events planned on the occasion of the 15th anniversary since the launching of the Hubble Telescope. The info sphere has been flooded with new communicators who have the devices to spread their messages world wide, be they truthful or biased, opinions or information.


Odobescu’s Fairy Tales. Linguistic and Stylistic Aspects

This meeting of interests proves the tight connection between the two tactics of communication and the successful collaboration which makes the two more similar than ever in reference to their vision and methods.

The articles in the Linguistics and Communication section focus on linguistic creations in the economics terminology and journalistic iri,ia, and on the influence of one language German over another Romanian. The social distances between users have different stillistica mostly generated by the lack of power resources.

It is also worth to mention, as some extreme examples for strjctura disastrous public communication contexts, those extreme situations, which were not too few anyway, there were cases in which physical aggression was present during these televised talk shows.

The kairotic competence of the PR professionals in crisis situations is critical, not only in seizing the right time to communicate, but also in determining the amount and extension of communication content.

The emergence of social networks It is hard to tell, nowadays, whether journalistic production is developing faster than ever, since a standard rhythm of change does not exist for the rather short journey of journalism compared to the long human experience through etilistica.