The DryView is an excellent seller worldwide thanks to its remark- able speed and outstanding image quality. Includes. • DryView (14”x17”) PACS . Kodak – Dryview Outstanding low- to midvolume performance in a value- priced solution, Kodak™ DryView™ Laser Imager provides outstanding low . The Kodak DryView laser imager is the right choice for health imaging facilities that need diagnostic-quality images but do not require high-volume output.

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Section 6 provides system specifications. Laser radiation may be present when the machine operates without the rear cover installed. Using the DryView V2 Keypad 6. Press the Backlight key drjview second time to disable the Ready, Attention, and Alarm lights.

DryView Laser Imager User The imager adjusts these parameters each time it prints a calibration film.

Serial Number Location March Rev. In this mode, any or all stored images can be erased. If the listed action does not clear the error message, call drhview service.

For serial number location, see Figure Note When jams occur in Area 2, the film cartridge is left open. Selecting the number of copies to print. A calibration film is printed whenever: The numbered descriptions dryvie correspond to the circled numbers in Figure dryvirw Table Of Contents Eastman Kodak Company reserves the right to change this information without notice and makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to this information.


Display window messages are explained in Section 6. In rare cases, film may stall in the transport area above the platen. Press the Return key to lock in the new value.

Kodak Dryview – Digital Radiographics

The numbers in the illustration identify key areas on the path from film pickup to exposure through development and exit onto the film tray: For a translation of the following warnings, please refer to the applicable safety addendum listed below: To access the film cartridge, press the Open Door key on the Local Panel.

If you are interested in recycling and silver recovery, Kodak can provide your local recyclers with the information they need to get started. Image Quality Barcode information on each film cartridge allows the DryView Dryvoew Imager to automatically determine film type, the number of sheets remaining, and the film manufacturing lot. Display Brightness Set Keys — Increase or decrease the keypad display brightness.

Kodak DryView Laser Imager X-ray Film Processor Imaging System | eBay

Backlight Key — When system power is applied, the message display backlight turns on and the Ready, Attention, and Dryvjew lights are enabled for use. Open the front door to access the film cartridge. Open the upper hood. P Printer Error The imager is 81000 to print due to a system problem. Page of 75 Go. If a density adjustment is required, perform it first before proceeding with the contrast adjustment described below.


P Jam—Area 3 Film is stalled between the exposure area and the processor.

Kodak DryView 8100 User Manual

Page 2 For a translation of the following warnings, please refer 88100 the applicable safety addendum listed below: To help operators monitor imager operation and identify problems, the imager displays status and error messages. Electromagnetic compatibility EMC — Press the Format Menu key to access the Format Menu. The imager is completing films in process before unlatching the front door or, 2.

See error message on line 2 of the display. This message will not interfere with drgview operation. This equipment does not have a gas sealed electronics enclosure and could ignite any flammable or explosive gases present in its environment. If the imager cannot properly pick up a sheet of film and position it for drive, error P is declared. Clear the jammed film from the processor area. P Open Door Req The front door 810 not open because the imager is printing.

See Removing Film Jams from Area 3 on page Operating in Manual Mode The key features of these are described below. Kodak shall in no event be liable for any of the following: