DOT-SP Special Permit Packages are designed, tested, and certified for shipping Packing Group I, II, and III Hazardous Materials. The Special Permit. Berlin Packaging DOT SP PACKAGING SHIP BOX DFS Item. Manufacturer: Berlin Packaging HMS DG HMS ZERO 32OZ W/ABSORB(PP POUCH). Utilize our Special Permit, DOT-SP , to ship approved hazardous materials without labeling, placarding, or segregation domestically, or meet the 4GV.

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A material that meets the definition of a material poisonous by inhalation may not be offered for transportation or transported under provisions of this section. Farmer means a person engaged in the production or raising of crops, poultry, or livestock.

Each inner packaging may contain no more than strike-anywhere matches and must be packed in outer steel drums 1A2aluminum drums 1B2steel jerricans 3A2wooden 4C1, 4C2plywood 4Dreconstituted wood 4F or fiberboard 4G boxes, plywood 1D or fiber 1G drums.

Fine Art Photographs 2. All Listings filter applied. It does not include a portable tank, multi-unit tank car tank, cargo tank, or tank car.

These matches may be packed in the same outer packaging with materials not subject to this subchapter.

Shipments require an Alpha number identifier LAA-xxxx marked on the outer package and shipping papers. Compressed gases, flammable, n. Non-Sport Trading Cards 3.

Hazmat means a hazardous material. The term includes all service equipment and structural equipment necessary for the transport of gases.

DOT Special Permit Packaging DOT-SP-9168

Components, explosive train, n. It is important to remember that the marking ORM-D or Limited Quantity is the certification by the person offering the packaging for transportation that the material is properly described, classed, packaged, marked and labeled when appropriate and in proper condition for transportation according to the 49 CFR. Fuel cell means an electrochemical device that converts the energy of the chemical reaction between a fuel, such as hydrogen or hydrogen rich gases, alcohols, or hydrocarbons, and an oxidant, such as air or oxygen, to direct current d.


Small quantities, when packaged and prepared under 49 CFR Single packaging means a non-bulk packaging other than a combination packaging. BTU means British thermal unit. The equivalent lithium content of a battery equals the sum of the grams of equivalent lithium content contained in the component cells of the battery.

Packaging means a receptacle and any other components or materials necessary for the receptacle to perform its containment function in conformance with the minimum 45 packing requirements of this subchapter.

US DOT Exemption Package DOT-SP (Single Unit)

Maximum net mass dt-sp the allowable maximum net mass of contents in a single packaging, or as used in subpart M of part of this subchapter, the maximum combined mass of inner packaging, and the contents thereof. The top of the battery must be protected by a wood frame, corrugated trays or scored sheets of corrugated fiberboard having minimum test of 91 kg poundsor other equally effective cushioning material. Fuel cell system 9186 a fuel cell with an installed fuel cell cartridge together with wiring, valves, and other attachments that connect the fuel cell or cartridge to the device it powers.

Offshore supply vessel dt-sp a cargo vessel of less than gross tons that regularly transports goods, supplies or equipment in support of exploration or production of offshore mineral or energy resources.


FedEx Ground Hazardous Materials Shipping Guide

Safety relief devices not required. The cell or battery must be individually packed in an inner packaging, surrounded dot-wp cushioning material that is non-combustible and nonconductive.

Madison Police DepartmentPreventionTheft. If NONE appears in column 6 of the Hazardous Materials Table, then no label is required and this section of the shipping paper may be left blank. Such preservatives are not subject to the requirements of this subchapter. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. At the end of 96 hours, remove the lighters from the oven and place them in the same desiccator and allow the lighters to cool to ambient temperature.

FedEx Ground Hazardous Materials Shipping Guide

For transportation by aircraft, the maximum net mass for Charcoal briquettes NA is 25 kg per package. Hazardous Materials Shipping Papers A hazardous materials shipping paper OPLL or OPLG and hazardous material certification form are documents used to identify the hazardous materials package s being offered for transportation.

Stabilized means that the hazardous material dto-sp in a condition that precludes uncontrolled reaction.

Elevated temperature material means a material which, when offered for transportation or transported in a bulk packaging: The shipper is required make this determination. Batteries All batteries including lithium, alkaline, lead acid, etc. A hazmat employee must receive the dot-sl required by this subpart at least once every three years.