With a name like Dixie Lynn Dwyer it’s no wonder why people are curious It was his idea for me to submit my first erotic romance, WERE SHE BELONGS. WERE SHE BELONGS. 2. WERE LOVE FOUND HER. 3. WERE LOVE CONQUERS ALL. The Crossover Series into FIVE-O See Below under FIVE-O. TOWN OF. SWAT Team 2 is the second book in the Men of Five-0 series for Ms. Dwyer. Each book It is helpful to have read the other book Were She Belongs. There is a.

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Were She Belongs (Were Trilogy, #1)

Her character was the most developed, whereas the triplets were very one dimensional. Great Amazing book worth it all. Even i felt, Andre is more dominant than Paul. Love all the characters in the series and how well they all get along in the end.

What a way to spend time. The telepathic connection he shares with his brother’s confirm also that they feel the mate attraction to Lexi as well, but how to convice her?

Dixie Lynn Dwyer – BookStrand | Bestselling Erotic Romance eBooks

Lexi started off as a headstrong woman who didn’t take any crap and she turned into a sex starved submissive. She’s helplessly attracted to all three brothers. However, I dsyer not prepared for it to touch my heart the way it did. And gods, the sex! Then I begin writing.

I am one of six children born to Patrick and Lynn Dwyer. Her old friend, Sierra, helped save her, along with three very sexy duxie intimidating Alpha males. She doesn’t know what they want or when they will stop, but in lybn to stay alive she keeps her wits about her and a load of cash back in her apartment as an escape plan should she need it.


Would I recommend this book? As soon as I read the synopsis of this story, I immediately bought it. Was it finally with drama and plot twists?

Were She Belongs (Were Trilogy, #1) by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

He is the first man of three alphas that introduced at the start of the story. The creative mind is such a wonderful and mysterious thing. The Sinclair, McFay and Crimson wolf packs are not out of danger. But Gia isn’t ready to date anyone. And this isn’t the representation for just one double-penetration scene but for every single one of them in this book.

She gets a job as head of security at a club and runs into her long lost friend! But after she did the book was great. Nothing against sex in a book, but it can’t monopolize the whole story. What she is revealed in the end of the storyexplains why she has so much that proud, power and independent character.

Were She Belongs

The sex scenes always came at the wrong time – like during an argument that was never truly resolved because the characters started making out, or in the middle of some serious discussion. I am a combination of both Irish and a true Southern belle.

When I imagine someone “stating” something, I think of an authoritative, matter of fact type of statement. Holy Crap, this book was awful. Sep 15, Brenda Demko rated it liked it.


It’s like the editor gave the author a thesaurus and said “Here, go forth and synonymize this book to death!

Dixie Lynn Dwyer Published by: No, that just doesn’t happen. Other books in the series.

Will read the 2nd book. I do this until the kids wake up and my regular day begins.

Story wise, ok I guess Working a desk job a MORE Moreover, that “liquid” is rubbed from vagina to asshole and back again to vagina for more of said liquid, with no care for the prospect of bacterial infections let alone the extensive lube needs of an asshole when its owner is having not merely bdlongs sex but double-penetration sex. But maybe my Swedish heritage has something to do with that since my English isn’t top notch! She has to deal with the trust issues lgnn her and her mates.

Along with three hot wwhere thrown into the mix, saving her and catching not one but two bad guys makes for one heck of a story. Once I started reading it, it was hard to put down. My imagination as well as my need to stray from the straight and narrow made me into the woman I am today. Nov 07, The BookChick rated it really liked it.