Download Citation on ResearchGate | Displasia cemento-óssea florida: relato de caso | Lesões fibro-ósseas benignas são caracterizadas pela substituição do. Florid cemento-osseous dysplasia has been described as a condition that characteristically . A displasia cemento-óssea florida tem sido descrita como uma. 18 nov. Focal. Thalyta Brito Santos LIMA. Renan de Souza BONFIM. Gefter CORREA. Rafael MOURA. TRATAMENTO. DISPLASIA CEMENTO-ÓSSEA.

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The periapical radiographs showed absence of lamina dura surrounding the apical region of affected teeth Fig. The osteoid trabeculae showed varying degrees of peripheral matrix layered by fusiform to polygonal cells.

In this case report, the radiographic image was very suggestive of periapical cemento-osseous dysplasia. That classification was largely accepted to describe conditions that had been previously reported as multiple cemento-ossifying fibroma, sclerosing osteomyelitis and sclerotic cemental masses.

Periapical cemental dysplasia in twin sisters: Osseointegrated dental implants have been routinely used in oral rehabilitation.

It appears as a single, poorly delineated opaque segment of the mandible, whereas florid cemento-osseous dysplasia is seen as multiple round or lobulated opaque masses. In addition, florid cemento-osseous dysplasia is frequently associated to black women, while chronic diffuse sclerosing osteomyelitis is seen predominantly in adult Caucasian men 19, Systemic and local risk factors that affect metabolism and bone remodeling should be considered when assessing the indications for these surgical procedures.

This disorder of the periodontal ligament stem cells may explain why this mineralized material has already been described as similar to cementum and bone, between fibrous tissue similar to the periodontal ligament.

displasia cemento ossea florida e caninos impactados

Paget’s disease of the bone may have a cotton-wool appearance. On the other hand, clinical and histological evidences show this condition has a histogenetic origin derived from the periodontal ligament In particular, cemento-osseous dysplasia COD constitutes a special problem when dysplastic bone lesions progress to become strongly mineralized, poorly vascularized and highly susceptible to solitary bone cavity formation.

Case report A year-old, melanoderm osssea sought for the Semiology Clinics of the School of Dentistry of Cementl University of Parana due to a complain of discomfort at the area of tooth 44, 45, and cemeento, where implants had been installed two years ago.


In the present study, the priority and focus is on one of these formerly called cementomas, which was also called a gigantiform cementoma for a long time. Periapical cemento-osseous dysplasia is a pathologic entity resulting from bone and cementum reactional process which affects the periapical region of the anterior mandible.

Distinguishing features of focal cemento-osseous dysplasias and cemento-ossifying fibromas: Compend Contin Educ Dent ; The same typical mixed radiolucent-radiopaque aspects can be observed, which are compatible with the maturation of the progressive lesion.

No biochemical alterations and others bone involvement were found in the case reported. The patient was not aware about the presence of intra-osseous lesions and did not feel any discomfort in the area.

Komabayashi T, Zhu Q. Biopsy of this lesion showed formations of dense sclerotic calcified cementum-like masses. Thus, we suggest that COD should be seen as a limiting factor in the recommendation of dental implants and it is imperative to inform the patient about the risks associated with this disease.


J Am Dent Assoc. The radiolucent areas reveal irregular and focal irregular radiopaque areas that gradually unite to form radiopaque masses, usually surrounded by irregular radiolucent areas that interface with normal neighboring bone and are cemeto with soft tissue that has not yet been mineralized.

J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; Florid cemento-osseous dysplasia and chronic diffuse osteomyelitis: Rapid and intense irritation, or that referred to as acute, in the same way as all other insults, promotes acute initial inflammation, but much more exudative and rich in terms of mediators inducing bone resorption, and may, therefore, induce the formation of areas of medullary and endosteal tissue and osteocyte necrosis.

Miyake M, Nagahata S. Clinical experience and literature reveal that it may not.

Florid cemento-osseous dysplasia mimicking multiple periapical pathology–an endodontic dilemma.

These structures of tissue similar to cementum may fuse to each other and produce larger aggregates with rounded contours accounting for increasing the radiopacity degree within the lesions The final diagnosis of ossex cemento-osseous dysplasia should be made according to clinical and imaging data only. It usually manifests as multiple radiopaque cementum-like masses distributed throughout the jaws.


The panoramic radiography revealed the presence of an extensive radiolucent lesion with radiopaque areas located between the roots of the teeth 43 and Frontal and lateral views. However, other terms have been used for this pathological entity, such as: Our experience in the present case report, however, has shown that we are far from being fully informed about dysplastic bone behavior with respect to dental implants.

Periodontal examination did not cemetno any contributory finding, but the occlusion examination revealed a premature contact in the prosthesis installed on the implant at the area of tooth J Can Dent Assoc. Mandibular lesions are mixed, some radiopaque, some radiolucent, and are confused with roots of molar teeth, as they are randomly distributed in posterior region.

Clinical, radiographic and pathologic aspects in 7 reported cases. This dense hypermineralized dysplastic tissue has been associated with limited plasticity and high susceptibility to infection 5 – 7. The orthodontic management of a patient presenting with cemento-osseous dysplasia. She was systemically healthy and extra-oral examination was within normal limits.

Florid cemento-osseous dysplasia mimicking multiple periapical pathology–an endodontic dilemma.

Florid cemento- osseous dysplasia: This contraindication is due to: Patient’s occlusion was reestablished through weariness with burs and polishing of the amalgam restoration in the antagonist tooth.

The other two diseases included as odontogenic fibro-osseous lesions were ossifying fibroma and fibrous dysplasia, although much more closely associated with bone. Treatment of a maxillary molar in a patient presenting with florid cemento-osseous dysplasia: At macroscopic examination, stained fragments coming from periapical cemento-osseous dysplasia are of brownish color and friable aspect The current classification of cementomatous lesions, released in by the World Health Organization 4is based on age, sex and histopathologic, radiographic and clinical characteristics, as well as location of the lesion.

If at a certain time the disease affects only the mandible, implant placement and tooth movement in the areas not affected and in the maxilla may be performed.