An initiative of South African Tourism, “Diski” dancing imitates soccer playing moves and grooves and was created to capture the spirit of South.

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Folk Cafe’s New Beach It was the s. Get a group together and put your general knowledge to the test every Tuesday.

FIVE moves of the Diski Dance

Posted on Flickr by Brand South Africa. Diski is the official line dance for the Football World Cup. In order to be considered a fully fledged South Africa supporter in the upcoming World Cup, you must wear yellow and green at all times, know how to blow your vuvuzela very loudlyand most importantly, be able to dance the “Diski Dance”.

Nelson Mandela was in prison. I thought, ‘No, I deserve that.

South African creates dance for World Cup – latimes

If you want to dance it, you have to imagine playing football. The action will then move to the match between Bafana Bafana and Uruguay, which will be broadcast on the big 74sqm screen.

Have an Outdoor Yoga Experience with Advertising Sitemap Privacy Policy Terms of use. It’s our own soccer dance. Or for more instructions and videos, click here. Served in Pairs, for Pairs. The official coach for the Diski DancePhilip Gumede, initially came to my studio adnce teach the dance to myself and a group of my students. The diski requires a lot of steps, but just play with an imaginary ball as you move and it’ll be easy, choreographer Wendy Ramokgadi says.


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The latest dam levels. On stage professional dancers will go through the paces, which people on the ground will be able to follow on the big screen. He was invited to Hong Kong to teach the dance to 2, people for a competition. Your Pharmacy Medicine Delivered For Disko Best Wines And if you’re not? I must work harder.

During the day, young Diski dancers will mingle amongst visitors, teaching them the dance moves. Embrace your inner yogi outdoors.

Forget about everything else. The stepz of diski, which is inspired by the townships, is that you can mix and match, and add things as you go along! You read that right, kids can go ice skating in summer.

The music for the dance is very rhythmic and typical of South Africa. Demonstrating the Diski Dance in a school in cape Town. Factory workers in Johannesburg dance the Diski and blow their vuvuzelas.

Get more of MOLO. The videos are great and show you just how easy it is to learn! Keep your eye on the ball, stick out your chest and step forward to head the ball. Kick back, sip wine and relax with a country movie screening experience Award-winning David Kramer Brings When he was a boy, stteps spent hours mimicking Jackson’s moves in the “Thriller” video until he was almost perfect.


Welcome during a magical, immersive art experience hosted at the foot of Table Get 2-for-1 Burgers Every Monday at any Brash, funny, cheeky, infectious, it was, like the vuvuzela, bound to catch on. Cape Town’s selection of unique, special and spectacular This site uses cookies. Dlski example, for the move that’s been christened “Table Mountain”, a name inspired by the flat peak of the mountain that overlooks Cape Town, you have to open your legs, lower your chest, catch the ball and then roll it on the back of your neck.

More thanpeople have viewed his instructional clip on YouTube, and he’s planning an instructional CD. Whales, dolphins, penguins, cape fur seals and mola mola sunfishan awesome boat trip Reporting from Johannesburg, South Africa — The dance begins easily enough, with a knock-kneed jump.