“Disability Theory is just the book we’ve been waiting for. Clear Tobin Siebers persuasively argues that disability studies transfigures basic. Disability Theory, Tobin Siebers (Ann Arbor: U of Michigan P, pages). Reviewed by Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson, Miami University of Ohio. Tobin Siebers’. “Disability Theoryis just the book we’ve been waiting for. Tobin Siebers in some of the major debates of the last thirty years in critical and cultural theory.

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It will also broaden the meaning of “access” to include accessibility to spaces and persons, sites of pleasure and erotic practices that are seldom included in discussions of universal design. For which social body is it inaccessible? I could not agree more.

Disability Theory

The distorted perceptions of others, combined with a distorted perception of the self, create the cultural representation of a disabled person who is always an individual, alone and apart.

Tobin Siebers persuasively argues that disability studies transfigures basic assumptions about identity, ideology, language, politics, social oppression, and the body. Disability Theory rescues the historic body of disability from its diaspora into theories that require bodily difference without subjects attached.

It will be controversial in a number of areas and will probably ruffle feathers both in disability studies as well as in realms of cultural theory. Account Options Sign in.

Disability Theory is a field-defining book: The ever-present fact of the fragility of human life is one that our culture turns from diability its zeal to celebrate strength, diasbility, and able-bodiedness.

Underpinning all of these issues are two basic questions: After observing such indicators as the width of the doorways, the number and locations of staircases, the heights of cabinets, and the placement of doorknobs and light switches Siebers, he concludes that the social body for whom his theody was designed is limited indeed:.

For me, one of the most powerful aspects of the concept of the social body is that it makes all bodies visible. His concern is not simply for a more inclusive meaning of disability but an awareness that unless we have an inclusive definition of disability, it will continue to be seen as a sign of weakness, pathos, or injury instead of a condition that impacts all of us. Discourses of Disability Illustration: I suspect that Disability Theory will be controversial in a number of areas and will probably ruffle feathers both in disability studies as disabbility as in realms of cultural theory.


Disability Theory – Tobin Siebers – Google Books

Reviewed by Michael Davidson. At tobiin same time, he advances the emerging field of disability studies by putting its core issues into contact with signal thinkers in cultural studies, literary theory, queer theory, gender studies, and critical race theory.

A volume in the series Corporealities: Noble intent but to what effect? Disability Theory Tobin Siebers No preview available – Contact Contact Us Help.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Disability, on the other hand, becomes an individual trait, belonging to unfortunate persons in their particularity, but not representative of humanity as a whole Siebers Clear, cogent, compelling disabilith of the tension between the ‘social model’ of disability and the material details of impairment; of identity politics and unstable identities; of capability rights and human interdependence; of disability and law, disability as masquerade, disability and sexuality, disability and democracythey’re all here, in beautifully crafted and intellectually startling essays.

How do we mend that rift? Visit the author’s website at: Except where otherwise noted, this work is subject to a Creative Commons Attribution 3. Narcissism, much like the autism, becomes an expression of a pathologized individualism.

Siebers addresses the questions of how disability theory and other forms of critical theory can challenge and inform one another, how disability theory can move past the poststructuralist position that all experience is simply a linguistic construct and give voice to the embodied experience of disability, and how identity politics can move the disability rights movement forward in its struggle for universal access.


To find out more, please visit http: Tobin Siebers is V. Disability in Twentieth-Century German Culture. How do we overturn the medicalized representation of disability that portrays impairment as a purely individual matter of physical functioning?

Disability Theory

Siebers adapts their views to show that yes, disability exists as a set of social constructions but once that reality is made it takes on a “shape, politics, and history that belongs to the realm of human action” Backlash Against the ADA. It is important not only for its often provocative explorations of such pressing issues as pain, sexuality, and human rights, but also because Siebers is a major participant in one of the most vigorous debates within the field at the present timeā€”the question of methodology and how we do Disability Studies in the humanities.

The dossier represents, as he says, “a deliberate act of identity politics, and I offer no apology for it because identity politics remains in my view the most practical course of action by which to address social injustices against minority peoples.

Because Siebers has a solid foundation in critical theory and continental philosophy, he is in an ideal position to raise these issues at a sophisticated level. Ultimately, though, the concept of the social body does not heal the differential in the human rights granted to disabled and non-disabled people.

Siebers’ primary purpose in this book is twofold: One of the most important things about this book is its discussion of the relations between sexuality and disability. The victim becomes responsible for the violence that someone else perpetrates.