Dilvish, the Damned [Roger Zelazny] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Strong spine with light wear and creasing, and small repair. Escaping from Hell was only the beginning for Dilvish and Black, his demonic metal horse. Finding Jelerak, the evil sorcerer who sent him to two hundred years . “Dilvish, the Damned” holds a place in a list of books and stories long avoided because of the people who recommended them. With this book.

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Reena spends an entire PAGE just packing her bag. On the whole, I enjoyed the stories, cover notwithstanding. View all 23 comments.

Dilvish, the Damned Cover of first edition paperback. The armies of Colonel Lylish attacked his homeland, and only Black could carry Dilvish through the enemy lines to warn the king. The fantasy sequence The Amber Chronicleswhich started with Nine Princes in Amberdeals with the ruling family of a Platonic realm at the metaphysical heart of things, who can slide, trickster-like through realities, and their wars with each other and the related ruling house of Chaos.

This was how I found Dilvish, the Damned. Ya ardo en deseos de conseguir “La tierra cambiante” But is it really so conventional? Las descripciones no abundan. Todas las historias tienen de protagonistas a Dilvish, un medio elfo cuyo cuerpo fue convertido en piedra por el hechicero Jerelak, y cuya alma fue condenada a pasar siglos en el infierno. Conan must be Elric’s dad. But then, when Selar of the Unseen Blade bought the life of Hohorga with his own, Jel—he fell as if dead and lay as such for the space of a week.

Then a damsel in distress cried out for his help–but really wanted his blood! A faint bluish halo was diminishing about his shoulders. Dilvish has a supremely high pain tolerance from having spent a couple centuries in the Dklvish of Pain in hellboots of catfall, and of course is very good in a fight.

All of them are good, but they do bear the hallmarks of the timeframe in which Zelazny wrote them. The stories fit into the context of Zelazny’s peers such as: This dilviwh one of the ones I have read and reread many times, and still find myself turning to occasionally even now, decades later.


Some of the plot and other devices are perhaps overused Dilvish’s nature, the passage of time but any jarring that takes you out of the rilvish, is more than made up with the phrasing and word choice.

Dilvish, the Damned by Roger Zelazny

Fuera de estas dos historias, ambas con giros sorpresivos, y personajes muy humanos, las otras son aventuras entretenidas en un mundo oscuro. It is said that eyes have no expression of their own, and that one could not reach into a barrel of eyes and separate out those of an angry man or those of one’s beloved.

Now only it looks cool, but it also never gets tired, can be used as a battering ram in case of an emergency, makes a great warhorse, talks, has a healthy sense of humor, and can cast some fairly advanced spells. Fix-Up de relatos sobre daamned protagonista escritos por Zelazny dilvjsh y y que continua en la novela La tierra cambiante.

Jan 19, Nikola Pavlovic rated it really liked it. Martin and Neil Gaiman. The book was OK, well written, but just not my cup of tea. I really think he was actually padding the story to meet the 20,word assignment he’d received. When this town is again in need of a hero, their citizens’ plight allows Dilvish the passage he needed to escape from Hell.

Most of his novels deal, one way or another, with tricksters and mythology, often with rogues who become gods, like Sam in Lord of Lightwho reinvents Buddhism as a vehicle for political subversion on a colony planet. This is a collection of eleven short interconnecting stories from a great Master with the capital M of science fiction and fantasy written in sword and sorcery genre.

He drew back his hoof and smoke curled about it. I’d go weekly with a few balled up dollar bills or pockets jingling with quarters and comb through for titles that weren’t likely to be shelved at my local library.

A guy called Dilvish tried to interrupt a dark ritual by a white wizard gone bad who cursed the former by turning his body into a statue and sending his spirit straight to Hell – I mean the literal place. In the collected stories, Zelazny notes this was his attempt at a Conan pastiche, and in that regard, I’d say it succeeds. Dec 19, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: Dilvish, the Damned is a collection of fantasy stories by American writer Roger Zelaznyfirst published in Some of them are a bit tossed off, you’re right about that.


Oh no, there’s been an error

Either way, it is not wise to go about singing such songs. Recommended for fans of “old style” fantasy. The general theme is the following. Is it any wonder I am envious? Zelazny’s take on a standard “sword and sorcery” theme. In Dilvish the Damned it is a story of vengeance. For centuries he endured this bondage, until it changed him, as such must. He fought them, apparently empty-handed, but parrying and thrusting as though he gripped a blade. I’d find a cover that grabbed my fancy, flip to the back for the summary, page through the first couple paragraphs, and then open to a random spot farther along to check if it was “still good” as it went on I’d been burned early on by too many authors who’d hook you with an amazing first chapter and then fizzle out long before the finale.

Jul 05, Mladen rated it really liked it. Howard epics of the early 20th century. If anyone has earned some up-rounding, it’s him. Zelazny had even made the comparison to Conan himself, saying that he wanted a character he could go back to whenever he needed to pump out a short story, as Robert E.

I want to take a moment to discuss the horse.

Dilvish is the descendant of both elves and humansa scion of a prominent Elven house and “the Human House that hath been stricken” which lost its peerage for mixing Elven and Human blood. San Francisco, CA Availability: