The Instruction Dignitas Connubii is the fruit of almost 10 years of work undertaken by the Dicasteries of the Holy See, at the Holy Father’s behest. The purpose. As per Dignitas Connubii, “The dignity of marriage, which between the baptised ‘ is the image of and the participation in the covenant of love between Christ. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Roch Page and others published INSTRUCTION DIGNITAS CONNUBII: CHOSEN QUESTIONS }.

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Whenever an ecclesiastical judge must decide about the nullity of a marriage of baptized non-Catholics:. In this Title, the term judge is understood to mean the praeses or the ponensunless connubji is evident or is required by the nature of the matter. Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts. The auditor in accordance with art. Probative value of the parties’ declaration Consequently “the judge who, after a diligent study of the cause, is not able to arrive at this certainty, is to rule that the nullity of the marriage has not been proven” art.

To a party who has been signitas absent from the trial, there shall be communicated the formulation of the doubt and the definitive sentence, without prejudice to art. Those things digniyas be observed in citations and communications Art. Particular law can establish other peremptory time limits cf.

Dignitas Connubii

In short, it is necessary to rediscover the dignity of marriage in the dimensions of both human nature and salvation in Christ. There dignotas a problem filtering reviews right now. In order to pursue a appeal, it is required and it is sufficient that the party calls connubui the assistance of the higher judge to emend the challenged decision, attaching a copy of this sentence and indicating the reasons for the appeal can.

If a spouse dies during the process: Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. A notary is to be present at this oral debate so that, if the judge orders or a party of the defender of the bond requests and the judge consents, he may immediately make a record of the points debated and the conclusions reached cf.

The recently published Instruction certainly offers ministers of justice who work in the ecclesiastical tribunals a clear and reliable explanation of the procedure for bringing cases of marital nullity to conclusion, with both the seriousness and speed required by their very nature. All tribunals are regulated by the procedural law of the Code of Canon Law and by this Instruction, without prejudice to the proper laws of the tribunals of the Apostolic See cf.


The use of a recording machine or a similar device can be admitted, as long as the responses are then put into writing and, if this can connbii done, signed by those giving the deposition cf. The Instruction presented here coordinates in 61 articles the instruments or proofs conjubii the connjbii for the objective truth in the marriage process.

Instruction Dignitas Connubii

The appellant can call upon the assistance of the tribunal a quo to send to the tribunal ad quod the act pursuing the appeal. It must also assign the task of judgment to an impartial third party.

Without prejudice to the requirement of art. The expert in connugii opinion is to respond to the individual points defined in the decree of the judge according to the precepts of his own art and science; he is to take care lest he exceed the limits of his task by giving forth judgements which pertain to the judge cf.

In regard to the merits of the cause connubji can only institute an investigation in order to admit or reject the libellusif the libellus should seem to lack any basis whatsoever; he can do this only in order to see whether it could happen that some basis could appear from the process. The difference between nullity and divorce would be merely nominal. Particular law can establish that in this sort of case the citation or communication can be made by edict cf.

The Instruction presents in a unified manner all that concerns the process of matrimonial nullity, as distinct from the Code of Canon Law in which the relative norms are dispersed throughout the various sections. Once the time limits established by law have passed and the judicial acts have been received, a college of judges is to be named as soon as possible and the praeses or ponens by his decree is to send the acts to the defender of the bond for an opinion and is to advise the parties that, if they wish, they are to propose their observations to the tribunal of appeal.

Press Conference for the presentation of the Instruction Dignitas connubii

Causes of the nullity of marriage never become res iudicata cf. By skilful manipulation of the causes of nullity, every failed marriage would be annulled.

Furthermore, the judge can order or allow to be exhibited a document which, without the fault of the interested party, was not able to be exhibited before can.

It is first of all necessary to provide some statistics concerning causes of matrimonial nullity. If this office should happen to be carried out by the ministers of the tribunal, they cannot have the part of judge or defender of the bond in the cause.


A libellus by which a cause in introduced must: Dignutas, however, the existence of the impediment of impotence or a defect of legitimate form can only rarely be established through a document not subject to contradiction or exception, the Judicial Vicar or judge is to carry out a preliminary investigation in these cases, lest a cause be admitted lightly and with temerity to the digniats process. If a guardian or procurator, whose presence is necessary in accordance with art.

To forgo involvement in this problem would be equivalent, in practice, to obscuring the sacramental holiness of marriage. An oral petition can be admitted, whenever the petitioner is impeded from presenting a libellusin which case the Judicial Vicar is to order the notary to draw up the act in writing, which is then to be read dignotas the petitioner to be approved, and which then takes the place of a libellus written by the petitioner, for all legal effects cf.

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The new proofs are to be published, with due observance of artt. Please note that pricing and stock availability are subject to change without notice.

If a party lacks the use of reason or is of impaired mind, the citations and communications are to be made to the guardian cf. In an urgent case the ministers of an interdiocesan tribunal may be named by the Bishop Moderator until the coetus or Conference provides. Code and Programming by Web Programmer. In causes of the nullity of marriage the presence of the defender of the bond is always required. To this doctrinal progress in connybii understanding of the institution of marriage there is added in our day a progress in the human sciences, especially the psychological and psychiatric ones which, since they offer a deeper understanding of the human person, can offer much help for a fuller understanding of those things which are required in the human person in order that he or she be capable of entering the conjugal covenant.

Causes are to be judged in the order in which they were presented and inscribed in the vonnubii register cf. In order to verify the canonical domicile of the parties and especially their quasi-domicile, as treated in cann. Chapter II The spouses as parties in the cause Art. The incompetence of a judge who does not enjoy any of these titles of competence is called relative, without prejudice however to the prescriptions regarding absolute incompetence cf.