Introduction. Not so long ago a user on deciding to buy an acoustic set for his home theater (intended for computers) saw three main alternatives (according to . I have the digitheatre dts speakers and they do not have seperate rear speaker connections. Is there a sound card that will give me 4 point. Hi Guys, looking for some advice. I have the chance of getting a Videologic Digitheatre DTS system for <£50 and would like to know if this.

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An analog input is of course also available RCA.

VideoLogic DigiTheatre DTS: The Ferrari of Sound is here

Help me out here I need advice not flames. Or were you just recycling some marketing material?

I would call it an intermediate variant between a serious consumer audio systems and easy computer speakers. Our review is quite clear it works fine with the Live for Dolby Digital output. A bit of clarity: Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Check out 3D Digithetre Surge and bookmark it while you’re there http: The sound in DVD seemed rather convincing. DTS, Dolby Digital 5.

The dimensions of the subwoofer are x x mm; Look at digithatre minute remote control. Exceptional for such a small package. Are you trying to say that DTS is the next generation and that much better? Cabinets manufactured from mica-loaded polymer containing magnetically shielded Audax drive units. Watch it live here by John Falcone. Or were you just recycling some marketing material? Let’s compare it with something more familiar.


Stereo plays back the stereo signal through the front left, front right and the subwoofer. To dogitheatre off, weather your looking for directional support within games in the form of clear, crisp audio or weather you just want to have a better system to show off to your mates the Digitheatre DTS will not disappoint. Smart Home by Dt Grunin Nov 19, Not a bad film. Watch it live here Mobile by John Falcone Nov 8, Forget the visual indicators — your going to be using the audio to find out where things are.

There is also a test tone mode where, using a sound meter, I was able to easily calibrate each speaker and the sub for reference level. Made 10 times better by the Digithetre

Videologic Digitheatre DTS | AVForums

The results were impressive. The complete set includes: I just bought the Sirocco Crossfire system, I went for them instead of the Digitheatre for exactly that reason. The control unit for the system is part of the center speaker enclosure, and should be placed at the visual source.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Jun 23, Posts: Dual coaxial RCA phono for analog stereo input. Forget everything you know about Game Audio, forget everything you know about Halo come to think of it, your gaming experience is about to get a pole-vault victory of such Olympic proportions your going to ask yourself HOW!. The former LC stands for Low Cost is a pure DigiTheatre without the aforementioned decoder, but its price is twice lower!

Next is the test button, this passes a hissing sound to each channel in order to verify if all the speakers were successfully connected. The main downside was a fallen “lower middle” in AFC terminology slang.


But this system is by no means over priced.

Finally, Dolby Digital upped the bar by dte 5 full range tracks plus a low frequency effects channel to the audience. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Though many of these milestones were visually based in pictures, sound has been there most of the time as well. Music by Joan E. This is usually only found in higher-end systems.

It takes and even better one to add authentic positional noises to everyday conversations. There is some freedom in where the subwoofer digtheatre be placed, as bass frequencies are omnidirectional.

The easiest location is on the floor; the unit can even be tucked under furniture as needed within the limiting distance of the cable connections. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new digiitheatre. Now, according to the last version of http: Included in the package is a digital coaxial cable, though an optical cable is not included. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. As you can see this set is more considerable. Subwoofer – Front View. Advances in electronics brought the pictures alive, and sound soon was tied to the moving pictures.

The back of the unit feature all the inputs and outputs. The next button is the level.