Ellab performs qualification and/or validation of depyrogenation ovens & Tunnels throughout North America for our clients. Qualification and/or validation. Depyrogenation Validation. Depyrogenation Tunnel K1. Study made using TrackSense loggers and sensors from Ellab A/S Denmark. Validation Protocol for Sterilization and Depyrogenating Tunnel used in sterile the sterilization and depyrogenation tunnel to sterilize & depyrogenate different.

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Operational Qualification Acceptance Criteria Setpoints Depyrogenagion the ammeter values and differential pressures. Typically tunnels run at a very high temperature and most stand alone sensors cannot withstand the heat. What I depyrogenatiln to do is to use 8 thermosensors placed on the same line and have them pass through the tunnel under the requested period of time and the set temperature.

Name of the trainer: Sign-up for the free email updates for your daily dose of pharmaceutical tips. In deed the thermosensors we are using have 6m length, therefore no problem on that.

Count 2 C 2. Any deviation failure to meet these specifications will be duly documented. Dear Gigastrom, If you still have any problem regarding tunnel qualification and validation of sterilization cycle then you can ask freely. Air Borne Particulate Counter. Dear friends, I would like your help on how the validation of a depyrogenation tunnel shall be performed.

My question is, should the glass vials selected to carry the thermosensors be on the same line or theses glass vials should be selected randomly or based on a specific load schedule deyprogenation we are referring to a tunnel?


Then you can use your spiked vials to demonstrate adequate pyrogen destruction. Although the pharmacopoeias state the acceptance criteria, little consideration is given to the practical approach. All results will be compared against the acceptance criteria. Dear Meyert thank you very much for your quick response. Again thank you very much. Name of Testing Instrument: Click here for advertising rates!

Then you can make a comparison between empty chamber FH values and full chamber FH values. To demonstrate that the system is capable of delivering air velocities, as per the Requirement, to maintain continuous laminarity of HEPA Filter installed in tunnel.

Is there any correlation graphy is there for Vs for finding the D value. What about overkill parameters? Dear Forum members, We are having the Sterilisation tunnels for both amp.

Can u help me depyrogenatioh providing a validation protocol in full detail. You can ask questions related to this post here. Name of testing instrument: Shazia Assistant manager validation fgh yahoo.

Therefore, I will have to proceed with the existing means. Name of the Testing Chemical: I am wondering as to the Z-values to use during verification of tunnel cooling zone sterilization. Inoculate glassware or vials with a minimum of 5, EU of E. sepyrogenation

Ankur Choudhary Print Question Forum 2 comments. Yes, I think you have it. Total Particulate Counts The oven must meet specifications for total particulates. Record the position of the probes in a representative schematic form. HEPA Filter integrity testing. A minimum of a three log reduction in endotoxin must be demonstrated. I think you have a good start, your first test will show uniformity across the belt and through the tunnel.


I am familiar with the theoretical concept of the validation i.

Pharmaceutical Validations: Sterilizer cum Depyrogenating Tunnel Validation Protocol

Your help is very much appreciated, since I have to perform the validation tomorrow noon. Hi Dear Shahnawaz Plz let me know regarding the calculation of 3 log reduction of endotoxins in case of tunnel validation.

Conclusion will be drawn after compilation and evaluation of result. Note this is for the sterilization of the cooling zone only. Record the position of the probe in tunnfl representative schematic manner. To qualify the test the equipment should fulfill the acceptance criteria described in the individual test procedures.

Purified Water System IQ.

Depyrogenation Tunnel Validation – EQUIPMENT VALIDATION – Learnaboutgmp Community

Should show at least 3 log reduction after exposing Sterilization temperature. My concept if I understand well, is exactly as yours.

Monitor Tunnel differential pressure during the depyrogenation period. Differential Pressure The Tunnel zones are balanced per the manufacturer specifications. The review highlight the depyrofenation concept of depyrogenation and the various tests performed for the qualification of Depyrogenation Tunnels.

Rate of speed, minimum, maximum and nominal, will be measured and verified. Sterility is the most important and absolutely essential characteristic of a parenteral product.


Is there a refernce for these valuse in any standards? Join Log In 8. What type of thermosensors are you using?