A Presentation On Organizational Structure: Departmentation . of functional and project or product patterns of departmentation in the same. Departmentation – Management. 1. DEPARTMENTATION 2. INTRODUCTION Departmentation is a part of the organizationprocess. Departmentation By Task Force When organisation takes up different projects, it forms task forces, which consist of people from different units.

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The departmental heads ensure efficient functioning of their departments within the broad principles of organisation scalar chain, unity of command, unity of direction etc.

Departmentation is the foundation of organisation structure, that is, organisation structure depends upon departmentation. This structure is suitable when the environment is stable, i.

Geographic proximity of subordinates Nearer the subordinates to supervisor, greater the span. There are several bases of Departmentation. For example, a manufacturer may have different divisions for each of its product lines. The matrix structure is most suitable when, first there is strong pressure from the environment ; second, when large amounts of information is required to be processed ; and third, when there is pressure for shared resources.

Departmentation by projects

Oct 08, Download for free at http: This is comparatively a costly basis of departmentation than functional departmentation because every department appoints people to look after specialised activities, like accounting, finance, marketing, personnel etc.

Excessive involvement of employees in their respective departments makes it difficult for top managers to co-ordinate the functions of different departments.

Departmentahion one supervisor typically oversees a major area of activity, functional departmentation also facilitates coordination. How to organize and lead an entrepreneurial venture Learning objectives. Summary of IS risk management. Since decisions are made by departmental heads for their respective departments, it may delay decision-making for the organisation as a whole.


Phone, Fax and SMS. Output of one process department is input of the other. Business to business marketing models. That is, operations which are team-interdependent should be grouped first i. Part and parcel of this hierarchical supervisory system is the cutting up of the organization into groups departments. One of three departmentarion functions.

Actually, some of these like 1-Knowledge and 2-Work Process can be impossible to distinguish. Efficiency can be achieved if departments depsrtmentation created departmentatio each process as each one has its peculiarities. So at the next level up, we merge all of these under “Vice-President: What would happen if we did it randomly, without regard for tasks?

Instead, we have organizations of thousands of people with diverse skills that work together to build buildings.

After reading this article you will learn about: Causes of the bullwhip effect. But promotions, salary hikes and annual reviews come under the functional boss. Branding coaching What is the brand advantage?

Similarly, a printing press may have composing, proof reading, printing and binding departments. Mostly, they use nano carbon for electronics and for materials to be strengthened.

Departmentalisation : Meaning, Need and Types

Need, Significance and Process Departmentation: Case, example of product failure: Phases of relationship development. Eliminating or lessening surprises.

In such type or departmentation the activities are grouped on the basis of production processes involved or equipment used.


CSR and the small business entrepreneur. For instance, a large hospital could have an accounting department, surgery department, marketing department, and a satellite center project team that make up its organizational structure. Territorial departmentation offers certain facilities in operation.

Departmentation: Its concept, Structure, Benefits and other Details

Trading blocs and deoartmentation. This still leaves a lot of possibilities. It should aim at full utilisation of resources. Competitive advantage through human resource management.

People are placed in different departments according prroject their specialised skills. Functional organisation creates departments along activities or functions of the undertaking functions do not refer to managerial functions of planning, organisingstaffing, directing and controlling. Built to Last by Jim Collins. Thus, performance appraisal becomes more effective.

The availability of information technology has made the job of outsourcing very easy. As the organisation grows in size, the work is divided into units and sub-units. Going green on a shoe string. It is suitable for organisations where limited number of products are produced. Managers are able to promote sales as they are aware of the local conditions of the area where they are operating.

Moving forward with information systems. For example, a large cloth store may be divided into wholesale, retail, and export divisions.