Deathwatch Living Errata – Fantasy Flight Games. Views Black Crusade Errata / FAQ – Fantasy Flight Games · that were overlooked when compiling the Deathwatch errata: .com/index. php?/topic/deathwatch-living-erratafaq/?p= Deathwatch House Rules – Version Newby Basis: Uses Deathwatch Core Book with Living Errata p. Sound Constitution (Talent).

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Posted January 5, Now, as per the earlier post, I’ll repeat the same question: Wouldn’t be the first time for a swift correction Posted January 4, Only the Battle-Brother that detahwatch a Squad Mode ability can sustain it. Some here said it wasn’t.

Some non-sustained Squad Mode abilities have a duration different than single combat and are indicated as such. Ignore the Plasma Cannon’s Clip size.

Increasing the cost of kraken rounds does work a bit in the plasma guns favour though, as those were often cited as being the cheaper version of the same high pen effect. I told you the Stranglethorn’s profile was a mistake.

Will post it to all 3 forums. I dislike the change given the experiences I’ve had and am having with the game I’m in.

Deathwatch Living Errata is now online! | Deathwatch | RPGGeek

Glad for the errata but it seems that the Unrelenting Devastaion fix has accidently nerfed every other blast weapon to the point of uslessness. In addition, such is the nature of these abilities that when deaghwatch are used only Battle-Brothers of the same Chapter as the Chapter ability may benefit from their effects, while all other members of the Kill-team eeathwatch be unaffected regardless of their Mode or if they are in Support Range.

Posted January 7, I would find that pretty fair, all in all.

Register a new account. That would work pretty well as a fix, I wonder if it would have been better just to say that HB can’t get metalstorm ammo. The quick fix is to say that focus power is equal to standard, semi, full auto, deathwacth multi attack actions. I’m drrata my game this weekend but I will run some tests for this scenario so that I can get some hard numbers to see if the Lib can get overpowered under that scenario.


Posted January 5, Standard Attack or as part of two-weapon fighting only. I simply errzta get it. You still need a melee weapon Pistol weapons can only make Standard attacks in melee. As was also said earlier, this seems to be a failed attempt at clarification, as the current wording in the book may confuse some, but the use of “instead inflicts 1d5” indicates that any heavy weapon with the blast livlng does not add the extra 1 point of UD damage, but “instead” adds 1d5 while also keeping the erratx quality.

Posted January 15, A starting Librarian will have PR 3. Activating a a Squad Mode ability does not require another Battle-Brother joining the ability. If I fail the command test, can I spend Cohesion all anew and try again immediately? To sustain an ability the Battle-Brother simply declares he is sustaining the ability and then erraata keep it active from Round to Round provided he is in Squad Mode and does not activate any new Squad Mode abilities.

I don’t have any of the books with me at the moment, but I know in our DH group we treat the use of a force weapon with contested WP roll can only be done on 1 action, and treat it as a psychic attack.

Perhaps, but Deathwatch Suspensor is only available at Respected rank of Renown. Maybe it’s worth double-checking it?

The Deathwatch Living Errata is now online! – Deathwatch – FFG Community

Exotic weapons continue to use the Core Rulebook rules. Damaging a Horde page You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Well under RAW, a Librarian with a Heavy Bolter and Suspensors can use half-action powers and fire full auto, while a Deathwatxh can fire full auto and quick a grenade and throw it.


Maybe they should be errata’d to “Suspensors allow the firer tmo ve at his full Agility bonus in conjunction with a full-auto burst. So said psyker with Swift attack swings and hits twice.

Deathwatch – Living Errata v1.1

Already have an account? So all of these are ‘attack actions’ and can’t be done in the same turn. I’m hoping that the use of a Livinb Weapon doesn’t count as double dipping.

This is probably an oversight, as all but the standard attack are full round actions. Battle-Brothers may activate the Chapter abilities of their own Chapter even if the squad leader is not of the same Chapter, but these abilities will still only affect the Battle-Brother and any members of his Kill-Team that belong to the same Chapter.

That’s seemingly the opposite of what we’ve been told before, but whatever. Finally they fixed Righteous Fury to sane levels!!! The Battle-Brother may choose to stop sustaining an ability possibly to activate a new Squad Mode ability erratq benefit from another deatwhatch Squad Mode ability as a Free Action at the start of any of his Turns and must pay the Cohesion cost of the sustained ability if he wants to reactivate it at later time.

The Astartes Soundstrike ML allows you to freely reload any missile in your erratw. Why should someone “push” the ability to channel engery with the weapon and have the risk of a warp phenomenon when it does no make a diffence?

Sign In Sign Up. The Plasma Cannon might be affected though. He chooses to return to Solo Mode. Posted January 6,