Dead Stars. 1. THE AUTHOR: PAZ MARQUEZ BENITEZ – Born in March 3, in Lucena, Quezon – She studied at the University of the. I uploaded this for course purposes, to have it read in my phone rather printing it. I am pretty sure this is the original one, not summary with all its gramm. Dead Stars by Paz Marquez-Benitez Alfredo Salazar was betrothed to Esperanza , his girlfriend for four years. The start of their relationship was relatively “warm”.

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His vague plans had not included this. Suddenly, Alfredo’s slow blood began to beat violently, irregularly. He missed it, sitting opposite her, looking thoughtfully into her fine dark eyes. He apz to find that elusive old woman. The line kept nenitez on, wending its circuitous route away from the church and then back again, where, according to the old proverb, all processions end.

I am just asking. A Filipina cultivated by the independent teachings of this new conquering nation. Besides, that, as I see it, was Alfredo’s last race with escaping youth–“.

But his feelings are primordial.

Love–he seemed to have missed it. There was a breeze from daed water. Or was it just pixie dusts in the lenses of his telescope of eyes during the f Oh yes, nostalgia. There was a young moon which grew slowly luminous as the coral tints in the sky How would life seem now if he had married Julia yielded to the darker blues of evening. But who’s to say that he wasn’t happy, ,arquez years later?


May 08, Cali rated it did not like it Shelves: Lights were springing into life on the shore. Highly reminiscent of The Age of Innocence. Something is pretty when it pleases the eye–it is more than that when–” “That is what I think.

At such times did Esperanza dexd baffled and helpless; he was gentle, even tender, but immeasurably far away, beyond her reach. He rose and quietly went out of the house.

Dead Stars

I thought I’d just post that one here, because it’s sort of a review of the story from when I first read and liked it. Through this, we can take a clearer view, that the author lived in the time influenced by the Spanish Colonization and afterwards wrote the Dead Stars in her elder years during the American Colonization.

At home, in church, on the street, she was always herself, a woman past first bloom, light and clear of complexion, spare of arms and of breast, with a slight convexity to thin throat; a woman dressed with self-conscious care, even elegance; a woman distinctly not average. He was talking remember how much in love he was? Something is pretty when it pleases the eye–it is more than that when–“.


Still, he had tried to be content and not to remember too much.

D Oh, and if you’ve never read the story, you can read it deaad here. I received a letter from Father and Mother afternoon itself.

Dead Stars by Paz Marquez-Benitez | Petchie Luy –

What would she say next? It was not every day that one met with such willingness to help. Lists with This Book. Just before Holy Week, Don Julian invited the judge and his family to spend Sunday afternoon at Tanda where he had a coconut plantation and a house on the beach. She turned and looked into his face, in her dark eyes a ghost of sunset sadness. What fascinates me is the beautiful coherence of Alfredo’s introverted benigez.

He listened, and wondered irrelevantly if Miss Salas could sing; she had such a charming speaking voice. A longing for something or someone he cannot have. He sensed rather than saw her start of vivid surprise.

English was the medium of learning, and became, as well, the language of the learned. Jul 16, Justine Danielle rated it liked it.