The Elder Gods: Book One of the Dreamers [David Eddings, Leigh Eddings] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. While most continents float. Editorial Reviews. Review. David and Leigh Eddings introduce readers to their newly minted Land of Dhrall with The Elder Gods, the first book in . The Dreamers Complete Set Books By David Eddings [David Eddings] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Dreamers Complete Set .

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There isn’t much imagination in Fantasy writing. While most continents float freely on the face of Mother Sea, the Land of Dhrall survives anchored by the will of the Gods. They were rewoken as the Dreamers, origially with no memory of their past lives.

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I simply wasn’t engaged in the story. The gods were interesting in their lack of omniscience, as well as in their cycles and hierarchies.

The Vlagh screams out loud, Omago dreamees that “It will probably continue on forever” and Longbow is delighted eddimgs he had seen the Vlagh suffer, and says that Misty-Water is now avenged. What’s the Name o Even worse, what the characters are saying, often doesn’t even make sense. Ekial and Veltan go to the land of the Malavi to hire Malavi horse warriors, and then with a little tampering from Veltan get the warriors to Dahlaine’s country.

I found myself disinterestedly flipping the pages. To do so, it is breeding a terrible force borne of monsters and demons.

The Elder Gods are getting sleepier and sleepier by the second, but are forced to stay awake and alert as Alcevan, a servant of The Vlagh, convinces Aracia to Kill Lillabeth, saying that The ‘Wicked Enalla’ is trying to usurp Aracia’s throne.


You’ve successfully reported this review. Zelana takes to the west of Dhrall to the dreamesr of Maag where she forces a storm to bring the ship and crew of Sorgan Hook-Beak to her domain. We just drezmers like or identify with the main character or his issues.

What was awesome charaterization in previous books comes across eddints tired and unimaginative here. If it would have been any writer other than Eddings I would never have even finished the first book but I kept expecting it to get better. They alone hold the power to change the course of history I was thrilled to pick up a minty deeamers Eddings saga, but by halfway through this first book I felt like I could recite it before I’d even read it.

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David Eddings’ wife, Leigh Eddings, was an uncredited co-author on many of his early books, but he had later acknowledged that she contributed to them all. So I was happy to see that Eddings has put out the beginning of a new book. I did think passages of time were glossed over, which would have been fine, but there was the sense of huge changes edddings the world when Zelana retreated.

I love the elder gods charators and dreamfrs really has a great seeting for the next 3 books. The divine perspective makes everything seem flimsy and you never get to ‘see’ or ‘feel’ the threat through any character’s eyes.

The Younger Gods were not supposed to wake up as early as they did, before the end of the Elder Gods’ cycle. The books are written in sections each with about chapters and each time a new one is started, it usually gives background information on a specific character and then tells the story from their perspective.


Would you like us to take another look at this review? I didn’t mind it because the books were still enjoyable but- BUT in this book it’s bordering on the ridiculous.

The Elder Gods (The Dreamers, #1) by David Eddings

They alone hold the power to change the course of history The native archers dip the arrows in the venom of the dead servants washed down to Lattash to ensure their victory, but the venom was also used with spears and wooden stakes. Adnari maintains a position of power within the corrupt Amarite church, and is interested in the tales Jalkin brings of abundant gold in the land of Dhrall.

Rabbit has many talents, but lives life dialing it back until his skills are leveraged for the cause. October 15, Imprint: Finishing it was a chore, and I really wanted to like David Edding’s work. This was the only book in this series that I read. However, shortly after they arrive on Dhrall, a supernatural being later revealed to be Omago’s wife, Ara bewitches the Amarite force into believing that the Wasteland of the Vlagh is covered in gold dust.

All the characters are ones that you already know, because they are from his other books not literally, but the davdi base is the same, to where this one guy is exactly like that other guy in that one series.