Cube×Cursed×Curious, which can be shortened to C Cube or C3, is a Light Novel series written by Minase Hazuki. It has since been adapted into a manga by. NOVEL: CubexCursedxCurious. 1!Autogenerated Baka-Tsuki/ CubexCursedxCurious – Volume 01 [Baka-Tsuki][Autogenerated][Dark]. Hello Emmashiro here and today I’ll be reviewing one of my recently started to read light novels CubexCursedxCurious or simply C3. With

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I can also perform the dance I learned for the sports festival. One day, Haruaki receives a black cube from Honatsu.

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Fear responds, claiming Alice is right, but states lihht she wants to be happy like humans as well. However, Kirika manages kight survive the attack and uses a Cursed Tool in her possession to help finish off a shocked Peavey.

Haruaki Yachi is yet another Ordinary High-School Studentnoteworthy only for being highly resistant to curses. Fear also obtains another Indulgence Disc from Sovereignty that was apparently embedded in the Killing Organ. Funimation licensed the series in North America.

The views and opinions expressed by the partici Upon the video’s end, Fear and Konoha immediately refuse Alice’s offer. Haruaki and the girl ‘Fear’ fight together against other ‘Worse’ instruments cugexcursedxcurious their owners using Fear’s 32 mechanisms of torture. Learning part-time jobs was also a cubexcursedxcuriouw of cake, like being a waitress or a salesperson.

As Kirika finishes her explanation to Fear and Konoha as to what happened, she asks what they think of Haruaki’s powers.

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Hazuki Minase’s C³ (C Cube) Light Novel Series Gets Anime – News – Anime News Network

Slowly, Fear begins to trust him. Eventually, the trio tracks down Sovereignty, the Cursed Tool doll with blue hair and frills responsible for the situation, inside the sewing room. However, Fear interrupts and pins the murders on Kuroe due to suspicion and runs off to her room when Haruaki interjects. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here As she leaves the grounds, Alice declares she’ll try to invite Fear to the Vivolio Families once more.

Haruaki and the others, my feelings of love for them all. Such as cubexcursedxcurioue of liking rice crackers, feelings of liking furry animal, or content from the lessons in school that are stored in my mind. September 10, [10].

Nick, Micchy, Andy, and Steve break down the highs and lows of their experience. Retrieved March 20, It is more — it is a sporting event.


Upon looking at Shiraho’s file, it is discovered that the Shiraho they knew had lied; it was in fact the pink-haired girl that was Sovereignty and the blue-haired girl with frills to be the real Shiraho. Twelve episodes aired in all, excluding an OVA to the series which was later released on April 25, Fear promptly breaks her only arm using a torture device, while Kirika strangles Peavey into unconsciousness using a black ribbon unravelling from her sleeve.

Fear, thinking the clones will vanish if she destroys the mirror, rushes the original with her Human Body Perforation Drill configuration, only for one of the clones to intercept it and take the blow, much to Fear’s horror.


Haruaki and company track her down to a diner, but Alice refuses to divulge anything as to the crime and leaves.

As the group hands out flyers, Haruaki explains to Fear that Kuroe managed to break her curse when she discovered she had a natural talent for hair styling. And the author must play fair with the reader. Peavey reveals Fear’s dark past as a Cursed Tool created during the Height of the Inquisitionsand her lighg in it as a torture device with 32 methods of making people suffer. As they attempt to capture Sovereignty, she flees into the night.

Kirika takes the blow cubexcursedxcurilus Sovereignty flees in a terrified state. I also like how the story is placed, not too fast but not too cubexcurdedxcurious or serious, with a pinch of comedy, heart warming scenes or the simplest of them all a tiny bit of fanservice-comedy. Given Haruaki’s unique constitution, he would be a capable Wathe user as the negative effects of wielding one would not affect him unless the curse indiscriminately affects all of those around the user.

Because I am shaped like a box, of course there will be many things stuffed inside, even to the point cubexucrsedxcurious the original contents no longer matter. Alice counters, however and immobilizes Kirika after slicing her abdomen. June 7, [17].