WHAT IS KNOWLEDGE REPRESENTATION? .. CRCP. Centre for Reflective Community Practice. DOM. Document Object Model. DTD. The Center for Reflective Community Practice () know what they know, emphasizing how things are made as much as what is made. but also documentation of the process: the steps along the way, the struggles they. Reflective Community Practice (), and was a model for future We recommend that you print out this document on three-hole punch paper and .. What is the caterer’s educated estimate on total costs for food, rentals and staff for .

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Deadlines and Manners Chart

I believe that rhetoric and style are essential to the exploration and full expression of identity. Finding the voice recording on the Internet of the poet reading his poem was a bonus.

The script for this story was drawn directly from her journal. Where I have examples of digital stories, I have provided web links. In this paper, I address two issues in developing digital stories in ePortfolios: Other papers in this book have included many of the tools listed above.

User Tools Log In.

All of these software tools must reside on a personal computer. Only in second grade could you summarize a life in one minute! Memoirs are autobiographical in nature, but are much more personal and reflective.

A digital story could miy the final evidence of a project-based learning activity, especially if digital pictures are captured as part of the experience. Most ePortfolios today are digital paper: An important element of an electronic portfolio is to maintain a collection of work over time, so that the learner can recognize when growth and change has occurred.


Critical Moments Reflection

This is Victoria’s fourth story in this collection; this one was recorded in 6th Grade. And docu,ents that sense, the digital story format as a sort of PowerPoint on steroids, would be an appropriate way for education to take a snapshot of the educational process, for my ideal world, at the same point that people are being tested: A “podcast” could be an audio-only digital story without the visual components.

The facilitator re-introduces the top inquiry question that the group identified in step 2, and asks the participants to select the critical moments that, if mir in greater detail, would help them answer their top inquiry question. Home What is your context? Organizational learning efforts in particular when personal mastery and mental douments need to be stimulated. There are more tools for publishing the stories online, regardless of the tools used for development.

critical_moments [kstoolkit]

Of course, the speed of the Internet connection will influence the quality of the experience. By seeing earlier work, they can reflect on the changes they see in their own performance.

While these Web-based tools are not as sophisticated as the desktop versions, they are more accessible to a larger number of digital story authors. CRCP documents the discussions in crcpp variety of ways: The goal of CMR is to enable individuals and groups to uncover or create knowledge from their own experiences for improving their future actions.

What is Digital Storytelling? Jonathan was created by a young mother to tell about her young son, using the pictures she was always taking with documemts digital camera. In this context and in terms of the technology, a digital story is a digital video clip, told in the author’s own voice, illustrated mostly with still images, with an optional music track added for emotional effect.


However, as we put the story together as participants in our first digital storytelling workshop, it because obvious that the most powerful story was about my uncle the narrator and his relationship with his father my grandfather. Legacy stories are usually told about a person or place. Catherine Howell provided this commentary on the integration of digital stories in response to this paper.

Participants describe and analyze the selected moments in detail by telling the stories behind the moments and responding to probing questions from the facilitator. A digital story provides that voice: These artifacts in electronic portfolios often take the form of text or images; a digital video clip adds another dimension to this collection.

For more details see: He also used the digital story to thank the teacher who had a major impact on his life. In the example shown here, my granddaughter reflects on how her writing has changed between Docuents and First Grade.

She emphasizes the importance of identity in the development of personal narratives. A digital story could be used to reflect on and document an experience in a format much richer than just text and images.