Compulsion (An Alex Delaware Novel) [Jonathan Kellerman] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A crisp clean softcover (as new). Compulsion [Jonathan Kellerman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A tipsy young woman seeking aid on a desolate highway disappears into the inky black night. A retired schoolteacher is stabbed to death in broad daylight.

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Compulsion Alex Delaware 22 by Jonathan Kellerman. The way the kellerkan seperate cases are handled in this books and the twists and turns Alex and Milo enouncted where attempting to solve the crimes I found very, very interesting. This is my first attempt at an audiobook which I don’t enjoy for several reasons: A suspect in luxury vehicles is murdering people who seem to be unconnected. He helped work his way through UCLA as an editorial cartoonist, columnist, editor and freelance musician.

Only Alex Delaware would make a connection between the two crimes Nov 15, Vicki rated it it was ok. This subplot was so insignificant I can only xompulsion that Kellerman was reaching for a way to include Robin in the book. BOUGH was also produced as a t. This is the 22nd Kelledman Delaware novel and once again has this criminal psychologist worming his way into the mind of a killer.

The story exposes many different facets. I decided to give the series another try a couple of months ago and read one in which Alex had split with boring musical-instrument-maker girlfriend Robin which was an improvement, so I decided to try another.

Meanwhile, the excuse for the plot, a serious of murders involving luxury autos, barely holds our attention, and while we plodded along to see whodunit, we hardly cared by the time we got there.

Compulsion: An Alex Delaware Novel

The only drawback was that the two mysteries in this book got tied up a litt If you like Kellerman’s other books, you will probably like this one. Milo makes the theory sound incredibly off the wall. Kellerman might have phoned this one in just a little bit. It was almost as if he wrote the book without her and then said, “whoops, I forgot Robin; where can I squeeze her in? Are these crimes jonathwn or just the result of an unfortunate coincidence?


Being a side story, it didn’t get a lot of pages, but it was a much better story than the main one. Kellerman would switch back to this case every once in awhile and I would have to remember who these characters were.

I think it would have been a much stronger book had Kellerman simply focused on the main plot and forgot the other two subplots. And I knew she’d be depicted as a mindless tramp. I recommend it highly to every lover of mysteries.

There is nothing unusual in it; it is a standard Alex Delaware mystery, and Kellerman I find up to his usual standards. I had a hard time to read this book Since then, Jonathan has published a best-selling crime novel every year, and occasionally, two a year. This time, he was a little more reigned in, and I found this book to be much more readable as a result.

Alex joins Milo seemingly whenever he wants presumably being paid at premium consultants’ ratesoften as little more than a pastime, not because his skills are pertinent, which is pretty far-fetched in terms of the state of most public budgets!

Mediocre outing — even JK seems tired of our buddy Alex! My only complaint was that it seemed a bit predictable in the end and a little slow to close. There are a few instances where Alex is investigating solo that seem somewhat unrealistic but after reading a number of books in this series, that is pretty typical. Apr 09, Thom Swennes rated it liked it.


I want to know why the killer castrated himself. Life and love seems to move in inches and then suddenly it takes flight and travels in light years. My book review for Jonathan Kellerman’s psychological thriller is posted at the following location.


His friends didn’t do it. Preview — Compulsion by Jonathan Kellerman. She is very much secondary to the story, and the conversations between the two of them are pretty superficial and unemotional.

Compulsion (Alex Delaware, #22) by Jonathan Kellerman

Aug 18, Kirsti rated it liked it Shelves: The only drawback was that the two mysteries in this kelelrman got tied up a little too neatly and easily. But in most other genres, whether suspense, mystery, or medieval romance, the damsel is usually portrayed sympathetically, as a nice person.

Other than that, excellent book, as usual. This mystery novel becomes more of a thriller as they hunt down their identified murder suspect. Their detecting starts to uncover strange clues that take Alex all the way to New York City.

Hate when characters become omnicient to save the author time it’s just deadly compylsion in a mystery. Some of his quips would make great newspaper headlines.

This storyline doesn’t intersect with the first storyline except for the fact that Milo is investigating both of the cases.

Compulsion – Jonathan Kellerman

What begins with a solitary bloodstain in a stolen sedan quickly spirals outward in odd and unexpected directions, leading Delaware and Sturgis from the well-heeled center of L. As a senior, at the age of 22, he won a Samuel Goldwyn Writing Award for fiction.

That’s the main storyline of the plot. Both characters are psychologists compulxion loosely attached to law enforcement.