Rough Cuts is a service from Safari Books Online that gives you early access to content on cutting-edge Clojure Programming: Rough Cuts Version. By Chas. FWIW, I and my coauthors are writing “Clojure Programming” for (e.g. generating PDF and HTML versions of library developer guides and such). It should be available as an O’Reilly Rough Cut soon; if you snag it (or any. I’ve found the writing of Clojure Programming to be very dull, to be honest. As much as I love Rich Hickey and Clojure, the language does have pitfalls and rough I consider Brave and True to be Clojure’s version of _why’s Poignant .. mechanism for memorizing key short cuts (or not remembering and.

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I am deeply grateful to this book and it actually made a big difference in my life. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Category: Clojure Programming (book)

One of the most practical yet detailed clojure “book”. The big win I value most in Clojure is conciseness.

In some worlds that would be considered insignificant, but it was a real world problem with great risks deleting the wrong backups can be really bad. Some day I will go back and edit this down to size:. But it implements this using a Clojure macro that surrounds the body of your code with a try I think I wrote some code using trampoline once or twice and then decided against shipping it. It is true that you are limited by the Python grammar.

The Pragmatic Bookshelf

The toolchain is extremely heavyweight and any promised performance, scalability and development improvements just don’t materialise. It’s exactly the wrong thing to copy.


It finally clicked for me when I build a simple file parser and I think that is a great project to use to understand a lisp. I’m currently unemployed, versoin adjacent to a large pile of empty Indian food takeout bags, skimming a book on Abstract Algebra to better understand a paper on theory of deep neural networks—all of which has no connection to any lasting thing I’m doing aside from not working on a side project which happens to be at a local minimum of interest at the moment.

By writing tests just in advance of the code needed to satisfy them, programmers:.

It is unclear to me if the category theory would still be a win on a less experienced team. JavaScript the platform rouyh have it’s warts, but ClojureScript is all beauty: And showed exact piece of Clojurescript not compiled JS.

As much as I love Rich Hickey and Clojure, the cllojure does have pitfalls and rough edges, and this book was a little too starry-eyed to tackle them head-on like Crockford’s book on JavaScript.

Sure, it is clear and detailed, but it gets boring after a while. I use Spacemacs for Clojure at the moment and I quite enjoy it. The for macro in Clojure is actually cutss to a generator expression in Python than it is to the imperative for looping statement.

‘Clojure Programming’ book now available

That imprimatur will do nothing but help Clojure rougu exposure, and perhaps in circles as yet unaware of the language. Then there are transducers, the decoupling that OO can only dream about. We also know there is a struggle on the documentation front, and many of us are working to bring both the official documentation and the individual lib docs more friendly. He’ll pick up on a task and work frantically at it, accomplishing wonders in a short time and then get bored and drop it before its properly finished.


Personally I would say stick to Clojure or CL as there is a wealth of information and libs available for those two.

Never miss a story from Skylinerwhen you sign up for Medium. Writing the book has ended up overlapping with a very busy time in my life, prgoramming I needed to recruit new coauthors mid-stream to boot.

The pytest testing framework helps you write tests quickly and keep them readable and maintainable—with no boilerplate code.

Gone are the days when you had to learn electronics theory and arcane programming cersion before you could even get an LED to blink. I wonder if anyone here has figured out good ways of compensating for this personality type, who has managed to somehow turnout relatively well-adjusted in spite of it.

It is not a matter of ceremony.

For those that need mathematical notation, it appears that asciidoc just uses passthrough blocks of LaTeX math notation or direct MathML if you’re so inclined [2]. Edit Text at the Speed of Thought. This website uses cookies for account and order processing.