And at last, the final volume of The Alexandria Quartet reviewed for your pleasure . In Clea () we finally gain a true sequel to the story thus. As soon as I decently could I asked, “Is the Alexandria of Lawrence Durrell’s ” Clea” takes up the same group again in a later period, World War II, and thus is a . Clea (Alexandria Quartet) [Lawrence Durrell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The magnificent final volume of one of the most widely.

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Clea – Lawrence Durrell

Like a fallen man, I punished myself with some Samuel Johnson:. Among other things, Pursewarden, in this extended reflection on the nature and meaning of art, raises an insight that rings true, at least to me. Here I talk about books I’ve read and those I want to read. The water-silences captured and transformed everything human in movement, so that we were like the coloured projections of undines painted upon these brilliant screens of rock and weed, echoing and copying the water-rhythms.

Theirs is a lovemaking made comfortable like a soft old sofa that you sink into upon sitting. Justine, Nessim, even Bathazar. Of course, the emotional thrust of the story revolves around Clea, someone that we’ve only met obliquely in the earlier books. Key to the success of this technique in Justine is the novel-within-the novel called Moeurs. Last of all, am I not in some way meant to learn something about my humanity from this reading and writing experience?

They corresponded for decades, starting inwhen Durrell, pulled in by Miller in his early twenties like me after reading Tropic of Cancerwrote to him. The war is on, and places that used to be apartments are now brothels servicing the various military men that are all over the city.

The book ended on a good note with the love affair between Darley and Clea also for Nessim and Justine. Return to Book Page. Miller led me to Durrell, which led to this essay. Durrell shows the whole plot as something internal to Darley, the narrator, and in fact in these first two books we see Durrell forcing his narrator toward deeper introspection: Chic, blonde, French haircut; a very tiny mouth; and a pencil skirt dhrrell ’round the waist with a sash.


As in Justine the series begins and ends with the protagonist Darley, the Irish ex-patriot. The Hosnani plotlines cles hundreds of wonderful details.

I adored where I thought these novels would go. I felt it would be my favorite. Durrell indulges himself in all sorts of meditations covering art, the novel and creativity, set within the outstanding writing and the Freudian allusions. She and Nessim have reconciled if they could ever have been considered estranged in the first dutrell, given the revelations of Mountolive and are conspiring to embark on an durrwll bigger scheme in Switzerland.

Without question the weakest volume of the Quartet.

Books of The Times

He wanted them to be heroic in their work and in life. Whereas the first volumes of the Alexandra Quartet begin with a quotation from “Justine” by the Marquis de Sade, Clea starts with a quote from a different work clae de Sade. Yet I love books with mentors, and the idea of a city being a mentor is an old but a wonderful one.

No, for Darley, as a surrogate for Durrell though far from being his wish-fulfillment “Mary Sue,” admits that he himself would rather read Pursewarden’s prose.

However, Clea is the first to appreciate that love can often be a matter of timing. Nessim adores Clea but she can’t see him. He runs into Clea in the street – and they effortlessly pick up an affaire de clsa – this time unencumbered by the interfering physical presences of Justine and Melissa. Each quality informs the other.

This parting was… well, it was only like changing the bandages until a wound should heal. Print Paperback and Hardback. It also has a broad sympathy and humility pocked with racist and sexist commentary. Durrell was not well-liked. Nunca nunca deixarei de os amar! The city under fire works so well but Durell never indulged it. Altogether, the Quartet is magnificent. Darley, the narrator of Justineis back as narrator in Clea. I would set my own book free to dream.


Durrell corresponded with author Henry Miller for forty-five years, and Miller influenced much of his early work, including a provocative and controversial novel, The Black Book We get to see what was really going on behind all the vague gestures, phone calls, running around and so forth that Darley interpreted as signs of love.

In Cleathree characters do page-long ‘impressions’ of the dead Scobie, presumably because Durrell couldn’t bear to part with the ‘colorful’ comic qualities of a character he’d thoughtlessly killed off. Of course, the emotional thrust of the story revolves around Clea, someone that we’ve only met obliquely in the earl After an absence of 7 years or so we return to Alexandria during the last year of WWII with the reliable Darley as narrator.

In the early pages of BalthazarDurrell writes: Though I have thoroughly enjoyed these novels, the thought never even crossed my mind that I might actually care about these people to some degree until then.

It makes for a nice set of parallel motifs: The language is eloquent, the plot more intricate and surprising than I could have anticipated, and the total accomplishment is beautiful.

Writes with supreme adroitness towards both female and male characters. January 12, at I found Clea the weakest of the four, perhaps because Durrell is winding down, as is the historic city of Alexandria.

So we have a thirty-page passage of one writer dissecting another, both alter-egos of the author.

But I found myself resisting the cloying atmosphere and verbal navel-gazing that I had thought were a thing of the past.