Example Cisco MDS Switch Default Port License Configuration. switch# show port-license Available port activation licenses are 0. Cisco MDS Family Quick Configuration Guide. OL Using the Switch Setup Utility Verifying the Module Status CHAPTER. 3. Configuring. Note If a Cisco MDS or switch is used as a core switch, only a nontrunking F PortChannel is supported. Trunking is not supported on.

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From time to time I will blog about other things of interest. This page incorrect states that fcns reject-duplicate-pwwn is disabled by default. It is worded as if it is a requirement but it is in fact not. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Unofficial Cisco MDS Release 3.x CLI Config Guide Errata – Maximum Entropy

Obviously there was a part of this paragraph that got chopped off somewhere. This page incorrectly states that you can disable password verification with aaa authentication login none command. Testing indicates that this is in fact enabled by default.

You can nondisruptively reconfigure the fcdomain by changing the configured domains on the overlapping links and getting rid of the domain overlap.

Cisco Documentation team has internally re-written this as: When you join two switches belonging to two different stable fabrics that have overlapping domains, the following cases apply: There is no information contained in the example given that shows the configuration or enabling of FCIP interfaces.

About System Message Logging properly configured system message logging server. This situation can require several configuration conifguration for each iSCSI host. Proudly powered by WordPress.


You cannot mix ingress and egress interfaces in the same SPAN session. A disruptive reconfiguration may affect data traffic.

I am not sure. Certainly there is either a mistake in the wording or the example. I am not sure that the statement in bold is correct. Should be 8 base ports, which can goto 8 or 16 additional ports. If you do not need explicit LUN access control, using the proxy initiator mode simplifies the configuration. The opinions expressed in this blog are entirely my own and should not be taken as the opinion of my employer.

Page shows with 8 base ports 8 licensed for growth. This blog is mostly about my pursuits in Data Science. IP routing does not have to be enabled, unless there is a specific topology where IP routing is necessary. Although it can be configured it has no effect. On the same page I find this block of text very vague and confusing: If you assign port number for physical portshow can you assign for ports ?

FCIP uses different ports.

Unofficial Cisco MDS Release 3.x CLI Config Guide Errata

Page Information is repeated twice on the same page: If you enabled the autoreconfigure option on both switches before connecting the fabric, a disruptive reconfiguration RCF will occur. I am not sure if this is valid. This however would be very nice to have in the documentation for IPS network simulator, an example showing complete configuration of Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and FCIP tunnels to go along with the Network Simulator.

Previous blog entries also dealt with storage, compute, virtualization and professional services. In this case, using the proxy initiator mode simplifies the configuration. I configuuration what is meant here is: The autoreconfigure option takes immediate effect at runtime.


This is not correct as this does not work. You basically give the same settings for the IBM blade switch but this is a 24 port not a 20 port.

Page Figure shows incorrect ip default-gateway Page States in one bullet: The way its written sounds like if you have a large scale deployment where you need explicit LUN access control you can use proxy-initiator, but its really the opposite. These pages talk about an active mode of fcanalyzer. This can mean several configuration tasks for each iSCSI host. Page Document states: The default authentication port is Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Have a few different people read that and I think you will see where I am coming from.

Caution The span configuratuon can be changed only if no span sessions are currently active on the switch. This is not true. Reconfiguration as in changing of domains is always disruptive.

Should say Step 1 Enable the mgmt 0 interface. Then states two bullets later: If a confiburation is currently isolated due to domain overlap, and you later enable the autoreconfigure option on both switches, the fabric continues to be isolated. You do not need to restart the fcdomain.

This is not correct. This should be made more clear. This is very redundant and can be combined into one bullet.