The United States believes that it alone pursues and indicts war criminals; nothing in its political or journalistic culture allows for the fact that it. The Trial of Henry Kissinger has ratings and reviews. Greg said: Henry Kissinger is a bad bad man, and Christopher Hitchens sets out to prove i. Christopher Hitchens and The Trial of Henry Kissinger: A Response to. Lawrence Douglas. BY RONALD EDSFORTH. Christopher Hitchens begins TheTrial of.

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There is no time for pause or reflection and at times, I felt confused by what was being said.

Most of the material is known, but Kissinger’s possible culpability has been overlooked for so long that Hitchens’s stylish summation may ehnry precisely what’s required to bring resolution to a chapter in American foreign policy. More By and About This Author. Very well researched and quite a brilliant, scathing indictment of the United States most famous and i Probably the only book by Christopher Hitchens I will give 5 stars to let alone read.

This book offers a peace of justice in a way; while he may deny what is blatantly obvious, we all know what the truth is. I am hhitchens for the Freedom of Information Act, the National Security Archives, and the investigative energy of journalists like Hitchens. Jan 07, Ivana rated it it was amazing. Club praised the text as a “persuasive, damning account of Kissinger’s activities as an international power-broker”, and said that “by the time the author—using the same careful, if one-sided, reporting—implicates Kissinger in the planned assassination of a dissident Greek journalist, it seems well within the bounds of plausibility.

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If the reader would like to chrisfopher my entire review they can follow the link to my site White Tower Musings below: In writing this book I have been amazed by the wealth of hostile and discreditable material, such as the betrayal of the Iraqi Kurds and the support for South African destabilisation of Angola, that I have been compelled to omit.


Probably the only book by Christopher Hitchens I will give 5 stars to let alone read. Goodreads helps you keep track hitcgens books you want to read. Kissinger was outraged at the time the book released but, tellingly, never did take Christopher Hitchens to court—afraid, perhaps, of what the subpoenas would reveal.


Indeed, so much attention is given to unraveling Kissinger’s denials and cover stories that the underlying allegations recede into the background. This device might be acceptable in a novel – except this is not a novel. If this book has a fault Kissingers role as a Rockefeller lackey is glossed over but overall its a good read and makes the obvious case that Kissinger should be tried for mass murder.

Sadly he did not live long enough to see the possible appearance of Kissinger in the dock, but perhaps the many tens of thousands of victims who have survived the wicked tenure of this criminally bent narcissist will see him kissinyer brought to justice. Acting in the role of the prosecution, Hitchens presents Kissinger’s involvement hendy a series christtopher alleged war crimes in VietnamBangladeshChileCyprus and East Timor.

Then there is Hitchens’ no more than cursory discussion of whether certain treaties are binding on the US, and the significant problems of jurisdiction, retrospectivity, and diplomatic immunity. I kept finding myself saying “ok, then what View all 10 comments. One may hesitate to focus too particularly on specific individuals within the U.

The Trial of Henry Kissinger

Obviously, Hitch isn’t the only journalist who embarked on uncovering the many, many crimes this man has committed; however, he did do so in the most compelling way, leaving no room for cnristopher or misinformation, backing his every claim with documentation and indisputable facts. I found myself wishing this was longer.


Hitchens racks up the evidence for the motion that Kissinger was not the great National Security Adviser that the public saw, but rather a crook, a bully, and a selfish thug of the highest degree. Kissinger undermined peace efforts in Vietnam before Nixon came to power, authorised – and indeed pushed for chfistopher, spiteful acts of murder in Indochina aga An essential piece that illuminates the shocking, corrupt and heartbreaking dark side of American foreign policy in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens | Books | The Guardian

As I edge into Hitchens’ deeper political writing I find myself a little out of my league when it comes to assessing the veracity of his claims. The Trial of Henry Kissinger unequivocally hutchens Kissinger’s involvement, malfeasance, cgristopher outright criminality in American foreign policy decisions from Vietnam to Indonesia, Chile, Yugoslavia, and Cyprus – claims that if true, would certainly indict him on numerous counts as a war criminal.

May 21, Christopher Carbone rated it liked it Recommends it for: As good as Investigative journalism gets. Dec 22, Lachlan rated it it was amazing. As a country, the USA has a lot of blood on it’s hands and this man was involved deeply in the decision making.

Henry Kissinger will die in the next couple of years. In hindsight it’s all too clear, the point at which not-being-Trump starts to yield diminishing returns https: This is Hitchens at his best before he lost his soul to the neo cons and it is in the best tradition of Jonathan Trisl.