Read the latest magazines about and discover magazines on Il più Compatto e Leggero* nella Storia degli Obiettivi – Tamron · Catalogo mm F/3,5 (Model B01) – Tamron · Catalogo. Grazie alla tecnologia proprietaria incorporate negli obiettivi Tamron, attrezzature di fabbrica calibrato Specifiche è tenuto a servizio molti dei nostri obiettivi e. Vendita e noleggio di prodotti e materiale fotografico professionale, nuovo e usato. Sala di posa e workshop in sede.

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Canon, Sony A high power zoom lens with superior image quality covering mm equivalent to mm in 35mm format incorporates VC Vibration Compensation and a lownoise stepping motor for autofocus mechanism. At Tamron, we recognize the significance of our social responsibilities. Please check the lens specifications on pages for mount availability. Catalogo Tamron obiettivi by willy Tamron catalogo obiettivi Tamron catalogo obiettivi Less. Current as of October Source: Enjoy a more comfortable video shooting experience, with expanded shooting options.

Flower-shaped hoods remove catqlogo parts of the hood that would otherwise show up in the corners of the frame, and conversely extend the hood ta,ron to its limits where possible elsewhere, such as the portions covering the long sides of the frame.

The Key to Attaining the Highest Image Quality Tamron uses advanced multi-coating techniques to suppress reflections and light dispersion on lens element surfaces that result in reduced light transmission and may, under adverse conditions, cause flare and ghost images that reduce contrast and can diminish image quality.

Thoroughly compensating for aberrations with three glass molded aspherical elements, two LD elements, one UXR element and other specialized glass elements, and featuring the latest coating technologies to dramatically inhibit flare and ghosting, Tamron has delivered a breakthrough in sharp picture quality.

Furthermore, each Tamron employee is fully committed to the preservation of the global environment at every level and for each facet of company activities. Spherical surface The uncorrected height of incident light rays through a spherical lens element Spherical lens element More compact lenses with the same speed: Conservation and protection of natural resources 3.

This ultra-telephoto zoom lens boasts wide coverage from mm to mm. With an unprecedented focal range of 16mm at the wide end to mm at the super-telephoto end, along with VC Vibration Compensation and a comfortable PZD Piezo Drive autofocusing, Tamron has achieved a compact body size.

This key component enables zoom lens barrels to be extended and retracted effortlessly, achieving commendably compact dimensions at the wide-angle settings, while holding precise extension at telephoto settings.


LENSES » Multipliers – Duplicators

Indeed, polycarbonate of this caliber is the material of choice whenever we produce high-precision components that require the strength to withstand rigorous use. Paper backgroundsup to 3. Super Performance for the most demanding of Shooters The Tamron SP Super Performance series is a line of ultra-high-performance lenses designed caalogo manufactured to the exacting specifications demanded by professionals and others who require the highest possible image quality.

Lenses for Digital Cameras and Video Cameras Tamron has earned high marks from the market by providing optical lens units that meet the demands of the latest high-resolution CCDs. The result is superior image performance with a smaller lens unit. Continued promotion of an environmental conservation program 5. The full-time manual focus mechanism allows you to intervene at any xatalogo even in the autofocus mode, for fast and convenient, fine and precise adjustments in sharpness.

In such a case, use one of the following methods to fix the problem. Engineering Plastics Technology To ensure the highest levels of performance and durability without adding additional weight, Tamron High-Power Zoom Lenses make extensive use of engineering plastic materials obiettivvi many critical cataloto components of the lens.

Thanks to the natural sense of cataogo of a medium telephoto, in addition to macro photography the lens is also a superb choice for portraiture. European Union, Andorra, Gibraltar, Iceland, Norway, Turkey or Ukraine The 5 year warranty is a voluntary guarantee offered by Tamron that you receive if you register your lens within two months of the date of purchase.

Catalogo Tamron obiettivi 2014

Through the effective application of Hybrid Aspherical Technology, one lens element can take the place of multiple elements without compromising performance. Page 1 of AF motor is built-in for Nikon II models.

With its compact, lightweight design, this telephoto zoom lens offers exceptional mobility, while giving you impressive mm telephoto mm equivalent with APS-C size DSLRs images and full-fledged macro shooting with a maximum magnification of 1: By using this principle Tamron has been able to shorten the length of the entire optical system and produce lighter, more compact lenses of the same speed, and also to provide greater zoom ranges in lenses that are much more convenient to carry and hand-hold.

We boast a vast product line-up and will continue to create more high-added value lenses in the future.

Canon su

Prevention of environmental contamination 4. Di series Nikon mount lenses with built-in AF motors are not equipped with aperture rings. Proprietary technologies including optical design and coatings optimized for digital characteristics, VC Vibration Compensation and a PZD Piezo Drive standing wave ultrasonic motor have been condensed into a new elegantly refined, compact and lightweight body. Such activities obiettifi the development of high quality, compact and environmentally friendly products to satisfy customers.


Close-up shooting down to 0.

OBIETTIVI Ob. Non originali pag.1

Once registered, you are entitled to service provision as part of the 5 year warranty in all of the countries listed below: Accessories for bags cases Bags – Luggage transport equipment Bags for video equipment Bags photo Bags multimedia Holsters Rain covers- Dust covers and accessories.

A macro lens for sharp descriptive power and pleasing blur effects Depict subjects close up with 1: Di series Nikon mount lenses with built-in AF motors cannot be used with the cameras indicated at right. Moisture-resistant Construction A moisture-resistant construction helps prevent moisture from penetrating the lens.

This in turn causes the adjacent metallic rotor to rotate by means of deflective traveling waves when voltage of a specific obiwttivi is applied. Indicates fatalogo flower shaped hood. The lens also boasts exceptional close-focusing performance, with a minimum focusing distance of 0.

It is for this reason that Tamron offers a free extended warranty of 5 years if the product is successfully registered within two months of the date of purchase. This design produces hoods that exhibit superb light shielding effects, offering ample protection from stray light even at the telephoto end of high-magnification zooms. Unleash your photographic freedom with the ability to easily shoot hand-held, even in low light.

There may be some limitations and restrictions on the use of the Di series lenses for Sony described above. Three LD elements thoroughly correct for axial chromatic aberration, while the effective fusion of the new eBAND coating and the conventional BBAR coating drastically reduces light reflections that cause flaring and ghosting, producing picture quality that is at the top of its class.

This characteristic allows the lens designer tamro effectively compensate for chromatic aberration at the center of the field on axisa particular problem at long focal lengths the telephoto end of the zoom rangeand for lateral chromatic aberration toward the edges of the field that often occurs at short focal lengths the wide-angle end of the zoom range.