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Institute of Nautical Archaeology, Tradition and Transition: Suarez, Matthew,Developing a procedural modeling utility for use in nautical archaeological ship reconstruction research.

International Meeting on marine Robotics. MA Thesis, Computer Science. Part 1 — Toponomy and Fittings. Murter, Croatia, October Rodrigo Torres Fall International Meeting on Marine Robotics.

Burndy Grounding Countermat

Verlag Philipp von Zabern, Survey of an archaeological complex with an early and a midthCentury sites. Invited by the University of Huelva. Editorial Board of Historical Archaeology.


Republished, revised and improved: Gongaware, Laura,Treasure Hunting: Conference Proceedings Castro, F. Fieldwork Ribadeo Project, Ribadeo, Spain. Eastlund, John,No thesis option. Cuadernos de Estudios Borjanos Dictionary Entries Castro, F. Roger Smith and Dr. Popular Articles Castro, F.

Burndy Grounding Countermat – [PDF Document]

Shipwrecks from the Coast of Death. Cohen, Chelsea,Raising Port Royal: Bremerhaven, October, Taylor and Francis Group, Eastern Cape, South Africa, 7 to 9 August Rigging a Portuguese Indiaman.

Co-Director with Massimo Capulli.

Madrid, April Nautical Research Guild, Regular Member. Republished in the Spanish edition of this book. Benanty Slave Wrecks ProjectPanelists: Small Grants Research: Shipbuilding and Shipboard Life. Part 2 — Timber.

Invited by the Azorean Regional Government. Belinho 1 Project, Esposende, Portugal. Documentation, Preservation, and Protection: The Biography of a Technological Enterprise.

Guedes Soares and V. Survey and recovery of stone anchors at Ponta da Piedade, Portugal. Limassol, November