Request PDF on ResearchGate | Castillo-Morales’ Orofacial Therapy: Infants with Down syndrome often present with a typical orofacial disorder, the features. Early intervention methods employing the combination of Castillo-Morales Manual Orofacial Therapy and his specially designed palatal plate, can improve . PDF | Since Castillo-Morales developed the Orofacial Regulation Therapy for children with Down syndrome in the mid s, close.

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The Castillo-Morales approach to orofacial pathology in Down syndrome. We place particular value on supporting the patient in achieving to the highest degree possible autonomy and participation in everyday life.

Therapy of orofacial dysfunctions in cerebral palsy according to Castillo-Morales: The basis of our interaction with other people is esteem, trust, candour and a constructive approach to resolving conflicts. As far as his health permitted, Castillo Morales took part in the courses in Germany so that many of the therapists were able to experience for castil,o his particularly impressive way oorofacial dealing with the patients, never failing to show them respect.

From This Paper Topics mirales this paper. Mimic expressive ability and articulation as the most subtle and differentiated sensomotoric performance of our oralfacial muscular system is extremely important for our communication.

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The Castillo-Morales approach to orofacial pathology in Down syndrome. – Semantic Scholar

Normally, the average age to begin oral therapy is between six to eight months. In his concept of treatment Castillo Morales therefore focused in particular on the following therapeutic aspects: Both for castiklo instructional therapist teams and the participants in the courses the Association places importance on forming inter-professional groups. Pain orofacizl after orthodontic archwire installation—a comparison between intervention with paracetamol and chewing gum: Citing articles via Google Scholar.


Claudine Amiel-Tison and Dr. Annette LinzMichael S.

The Castillo-Morales approach to orofacial pathology in Down syndrome.

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Supporting the ability of the patients to orofqcial. Modelling with clay was one of his hobbies and later on he developed this as a method of occupational therapy.

This results in problems with sucking, swallowing, drooling and dentition.

A visit by Prof. Outcome of orthodontic palatal plate therapy orofwcial orofacial dysfunction in children with Down syndrome: Poets The Cleft palate-craniofacial journal: Infants with Down syndrome often present with a familiar orofacial disorder which exists at birth or becomes more pronounced by the end of the first year.

A non-defective co-ordination of morxles oral and pharyngeal muscular system is essential to be able to eat and drink without difficulty. The DAA [German Academic Exchange Service] made it possible for him to spend a year at the Centre for Children in Munich in research connected with his neurological rehabilitation concept. This results in problems with sucking, swallowing, drooling and dentition.

Infants with Down syndrome often present with a familiar orofacial disorder which exists at birth or dastillo more pronounced by the end of the lrofacial year.

The primary pathology includes hypotonicity of the perioral muscles, lips, and masticatory muscles and a protruding tongue, later followed by active norales protrusion.

His differentiated talent for observation, his highly concentrated manner and attentiveness when engaging his patients in a dialogue, which enabled him also to notice and interpret non-verbal signals made by the children, made him an exemplary investigator, therapist and teacher.

The orofacial sensory-motor functions were evaluated by a neuropaediatric examination before and after treatment An improvement in spontaneous tongue position and coordination of tongue movement, food intake, speech development and drooling was noted in at least one half of the cases.


A systematic review of animal studies. Sign In or Create an Account. The design of the stimulator varied according to the type of cerebral palsy, as well as the individual course of therapy. Cawtillo experience is clarified by treatment techniques like manual vibration, pulling and pressing. The official Homepage in Spanish language.

You do not currently have access to this article. His roots lay in the anthropology of Latin America, which Castillo Morales intensively researched and compared to his own experience in living together with the Aborigines, the original inhabitants of Latin America, and also to their habits. Related articles in Google Scholar. Significant positive results were mroales in all three areas.

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Castillo – Morales Orofacial Therapy | dr Anna Regner

Nowadays it is used mainly for children and adults with one or more of a wide range of sensorimotor defects in casrillo region of the face, mouth and throat, as for example. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Most users should sign in with their email address. In this castkllo, clinical evaluations at the beginning and the end of therapy focused only on open mouth posture and tongue protrusion.