Integrated Hospital Information System. PHP,mySQL,PostgreSQL. Surgery, Nursing,Outpatient,Wards,Labs, Pharmacy, Security,Admission,Schedulers,. Download CARE2X – Integrated Hospital Info System for free. Integrated Hospital Information System. PHP,mySQL,PostgreSQL. Uncompress the CARE2X 2nd Generation Deployment scripts into the active directory of Apache web server. 6. Make sure that the server can write in the.

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Kijabe Mission hospital has joined to the project. Type cate2x following address in your browser: New project propsal was made to further customize Care2x and roll out to hospitals.

Installation of CARE 2X – manual installation

No way to add new user to the system Add a new module Care2x is made with known good tools: We started the pilot in Selian nanual clinic June using the original Care2x as it was, with only minor cosmetic changes.

The planned modifications and our time schedule are seen there also. Data can be shared throughout the whole network. The problems with those we have evaluated is either they are far too expensive, poor quality or there are difficulties to organize support.

If the installer fails to create the database name due to possible user permission problems, create manjal database name using your proven dbms administration application before you install Care2x.


Our Mission We strive to develop the most useful and practical integrated healthcare information system which is open for others to develop further. Bugs and security holes can be detected quickly. In loading the data you must follow the order of loading the sql dumps as stated here. Solves the multiple software issues. The GUI design is consistent throughout the whole network. Domain name Enter the domain or host name where this care2x is installed without the “http: Enter the following address in the browser: Make sure that the following directories and files are system writeable.

The Solution |

Has many built-in automation, data validation, signalling, and updating features. The programming was started in December Start the Apache, mySQL, and your web browser. External programs can also access the data by using the standard SQL language to query information.

Uses the PHP and Javascript scripting languages. Care2x is a new program and the first deployment version was published in the beginning of but already now it is translated to over 20 languages and hospitals in Malaysia, India, France, Italy are using it and many more are working on it.

Program functions are accessed via standard browser.

December 16 Last main update: It can be configured manuwl support multiple database configuration to enhance data security and integrity. The secret key for the first level script lock. Make sure that the server can write in the following directories and files. No need for dedicated and costly client programs.


The software is web-based. When the interface appears, you can start creating user access rights and permissions. Substantially reduces the occurence of erroneous data. Select the EDP link on the left menu and then select “Access rights”. You cannot create additional Admin permission using this interface. Its design supports multiple server configuration to distribute traffic cae2x improve speed and efficiency.

Stability and reliability will be tested by a large community of software programmers. The secret key for the third level script lock.

The Solution

To do this use phpmyAdmin to load the following sql dump: Privacy policy User agreement Copyright Feedback Last modified: Care2X Solves the challenge Has modules for the different functions and departments.

Never close the browser. Create a new system admin permission. We have small resources and we should not work parallel but together. The use of a single data format solves the problem of data redundancy.

Close co-operation is planned etween these teams. Can be accessed via the internet since Care2X uses standard internet protocols.