First published in , Camilla deals with the matrimonial concerns of a group of young people-Camilla Tyrold and her sisters, the daughters of a country. Camilla: Or, A Picture of Youth by Fanny Burney () London: Payne, .. Sir Hugh could keep nothing secret; Camilla was soon informed of the riches. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 16 by Fanny Burney. Camilla; or, A Picture of Youth by Fanny Burney. No cover available. Download.

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Tyrold consenting that they should transact their mutual business at Etherington, by burneey rides. Lord Bufney genuine affection for Evelina and her assurances that she and Macartney are not involved finally win out over Orville’s jealousy, and he secures a meeting between Evelina and Macartney. Edgar, nevertheless, asked Camilla to dance with him; she willingly, though not without wonder, consented.

Nor did the happy little person need the avowed distinction. Lavinia – a bit sidelined. However, Evelina is distraught at the continuing gulf between herself and her father and the mystery surrounding his false daughter. Because of the counsel of Indiana’s frivolous governess, however, Sir Hugh soon becomes convinces that Edgar Mandlebert prefers his pretty niece, Indiana. I would say that some characters are more full developed than are others, but if you like classics and you like long romance novels, then this could be an excellent read for you.

The revival, however, lasted but during the novelty of the scene; depression returned with the feelings of ill health; and the happier lot of his brother, though born to almost nothing, filled him with incessent repentance of his own mismanagement.

He is extremely skeptical of women based on his past experiences, and though honest and kind, he continually dissuades Edgar from proposing to Camilla, and cautions him. She metamorphosed him into a female, accoutring him with her fine new cap, while she enveloped her own small head in his wig; and then, tying the maid’s apron round burmey waist, put a rattle into his hand, and Eugenia’s doll upon his lap, which she told him was a baby that he must nurse and amuse.

Edgar referred the matter to Indiana, to whose already exquisite beauty his juvenile admiration paid its most early obeisance. Upon finding that his attentions and hand are unwanted, he feigns a horror of any serious design on Camilla and flees to the Hebrides. And most of the rest of the characters in the book. Clermont Lynmere is Camilla’s cousin under the care of Sir Hugh. His imagination, neither regulated by wisdom, nor disciplined by experience, having once taken this turn, he soon fancied that every earthly misfortune originated in a carelessness of learning, and that all he wished, and all he wanted, upbraided him with his ignorance.


Maybe someday I’ll finish this book, but I doubt it. She soon earns the attentions of two gentlemen: Their partiality, however, struggled vainly against that of Sir Hugh, who still, in every the most trivial particular, gave the preference to Camilla.

The novel opens with a distressed letter from Lady Howard to her longtime acquaintance, the Reverend Arthur Villars, in which she reports that Mme Duval, the grandmother of Villars’ wardEvelina Anville, intends to visit England to renew her acquaintance with her granddaughter Evelina. Tyrold now, though for a few moments he looked down, thought it best to leave the matter to its own course, and Dr.

MADAM, THAT Goodness inspires a confidence, which, by divesting respect of terror, excites attachment to Greatness, the presentation of this little Work, to Your Majesty must truly, however humbly, evince; and though a public manifestation of duty and regard from an obscure Individual may betray a proud ambition, it is, I trust, but a venial—I am sure it is a natural one.

This sentimental novelwhich has notions of sensibility and early romanticismsatirizes the society in which it is set and is a significant precursor to the work of Jane Austen and Maria Edgeworthwhose novels explore many of the same issues.

It is difficult sometimes when you are shouting at the page for her not to be so stupid or gullible but she was essentially a young girl doing her best. This is a long-winded telling of the exhaustive exploits of a young lady and her extended family. This request was by no means welcome to Mr. Tyrold, though nearly overpowered by a sight so affecting, still preserved her faculties for better uses than lamentation.

Camilla by Fanny Burney

And there are any number This is a long-winded telling of the exhaustive exploits of a young lady and her extended family. Her brother Lionel calls her “the best girl in the world, when she did not mount the pulpit.

This was properly signed and sealed, and Sir Hugh hastened up stairs with a copy of it to Mr. To do justice to his feelings of guilt, he also promises her his nephew, who is on his grand tour at this time, for a husband, and then makes a tutor teach her everything about the classics, to make her learned and thus fit to be the wife of his nephew, who he imagines will be super clever after all his travels.


A dearth of all sedentary resources became, when his youth passed away, his own constant reproach. The secondary characters in this steal the show, especially Eugenia, who might just get the prize for the most sympathetic female character in 18th century fiction. And some, alas, are Mary Bennets — singing very ill, but determined to do it. Fourth editiontitle page for Vol II.

Unused, by this means, to any trouble or application, the purposed tuition of Dr. Over pages, the author seems to drag out the plot more than is necessary, but once you get past the melodrama of parts of the book, it is interesting enough that you will want to continue. In the meantime, Sir Hugh becomes enchanted by his brother’s middle daughter, Camilla, and decides to make her heiress to most of his camipla.

Camilla; or, A Picture of Youth by Fanny Burney

Warning, spoilers ahead The novel focuses mainly on two sisters: Camilla Tyrold and her sisters, the sweet by nature Lavinia and the physically challenged but kind-hearted Eugenia, and their cousin, the beautiful Indiana Lynmere. Return to Book Page. Obsessed with being upright and several times described by other characters in the novel as “nice” and “peculiar” that is, fastidious and particularhe cares more about the appearance of what is proper and is disinclined to probe for any deeper meaning or to ask for much less accept any explanation.

Whenever he is mistreated in the book, I hate it and his love for everyone and everything has to make him one of the most likeable characters ever.

Evelina – Wikipedia

When to merit of a species so rare were added a fine estate and a large independent fortune, it is not easy to decide whether in prosperity or desert he was most distinguished. Sir Hugh Tyrold was a baronet, butney resided upon the hereditary estate of the family in Yorkshire. Tyrold has a truly good heart, however, and she kindly forgives Camilla in the end. Camilla focuses on the story of the Tyrold family. You wondered if that person liked you but didn’t dare hope Bribery, day after day, could procure but a few instants’ attention, given so unwillingly, and so speedily withdrawn, that ca,illa, dress, and excursions were soon exhausted, without the smallest advancement.

By this means, Mrs.