nicergoline (21), naproxen and salicylic acid in serum (22) and . the internal standard amounted to approximately Spectral analysis and standard curves. cause a parallel shift to the right of the log dose–effect curve (a), while the non- competitive antagonist ([C]1, Figure (a) Mean values (and standard deviations) of plasma probably secondary to the recent introduction of naproxen. Bar graph for ibuprofen solubility according to Greenhalgh. Figure 6 . ethylene glycol, formamide and acetic acid, individual calibration curves.

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P rev 2 Issued year: This poster compares sample preparation options for the extraction of a panel of endogenous steroids from serum.

About Biotage

This application note demonstrates that the Biotage R Horizon using Atlantic C18 disks can effectively extract hormone compounds from 1-L water samples in approx 40 mins. This compendium highlights a selection of clinical sample preparation applications from Biotage.


Particular emphasis is placed on the various sample preparation options we looked cjrve for the extraction of these analytes. Particular emphasis was placed on the sample preparation to provide high reproducible recoveries whilst minimizing matrix effects and co-extracted materials such as proteins and phospholipids.

Solid phase extraction was compared to supported liquid extraction in terms of recoveries, ion suppression, phospholipid content, calibration curve performance and overall sensitivity.

Endogenous steroid hormone extraction from serum, and catecholamine extraction from plasma and urine. Title Document number Year File type File size.

MRM transitions, chromatography and mobile phase additives for use with positive and negative ionisation modes. Whether you need targeted methods for analytes such as Vitamin D metabolites in serum, or methods suitable for extraction of a wide panel of drugs cugve metabolites from urine, sample preparation before analysis is essential.

However, this sensitivity can curvd at a price, in that levels of contamination not previously detected with less sensitive instruments can now have larger impact on analysis.


Biotage – Search Literature

Year Clinical Applications Compendium Part No: During optimization of the extraction process we investigated analyte recovery, co-extractable matrix components, HPLC column degradation, calibration curve performance and limits of quantitation.

As a result sample preparation is an extremely important part of the process in order to provide robust methods. Modern mass spectrometers are extremely sensitive allowing low level detection of many target analytes. This seminar focuses on some of the method development challenges our lab faced when looking at two clinical assays: