In a use case where you allow users to type free text in a WYSIWYG editor you have multiple options for saving user input. The input from the editor will be in the . In this tutorial we will create tabs for navigating between views in portlet application in CAF. If you are familiar with portlet and view creation. OpenCAF Component Showcase and higher. Contribute to SoftwareAG/ webmethods-opencaf-showcase development by creating an account on GitHub.

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You link the JSF components in the user interface to the managed beans using binding expressions. Managed beans operate within one of the following scopes: Palette A tree view of controls you can use to build Web applications.

Data Source Explorer Eclipse A tree view of data sources. From here, you can open files for editing or select resources for operations such as exporting. Problems Eclipse A display of system-generated errors, warnings, or information associated with webmethlds resource. Reference Documentation – Spring 2, views pages. Do not type the ellipsis Java editor A source code editor that provides specialized features for editing Java code.

Getting Started with Web Application Development. Fusion Developer’s Guide for Oracle Application You are commenting using your Facebook account. This view is useful in changing the values webmethocs properties of controls in the design canvas.

The libraries are already deployed on the server.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your Twitter account. A Web application is an application that a user accesses over the Web on either the Internet or an intranet.


Additionally, Designer provides tools to allow you to customize execution of the CAF application. You can perform custom processing during the JSF life cycle by overriding any of the virtual methods that are exposed in the managed bean that is associated with the view file; that is, overriding virtual methods exposed in the page bean.

Blog Stats 30, Visits. You can perform selected operations on resources shown in this view. Wassim Ahamed April 19, at Archives November March January December If you are familiar with portlet and view creation, then jump to step 4.

A Tutorial for Portlet Application Samples. IBM Cognos 8 3, views pages.

webMethods Designer Composite Application Framework Help – TechyLib

Type only the information inside the curly braces. For all other steps, in order to find required controls, simply search in the palette section. Indicates that you can type multiple options of the same type. Identifies new terms the first time they occur in the text. This view is useful in locating specific controls within a complex Web application and for moving controls from one location in the Web application to another.

This book addresses the business management and information technology sides of BPM, and delves into the process- centric foundation upon which BPM is built. Type only the information inside the square brackets.

Properties Eclipse A view of display names and values of properties for a resource selected elsewhere in Designer. Delete the text control inside Tabs. User Interface Controls Concepts.

You can download the entire book at no cost from: For more information about available training courses and to schedule training for your organization, visit the webMethods Advantage Training center at https: Type one of these choices.

Do not type the [ ] symbols. The project name cannot have spaces or any of the following characters: Or, go to the privacy policy to change the cookie settings. The links at the bottom of this page show how to deploy the component libraries to the JBoss application server and how to stop deploying the libraries with the Web application.


Enter the password to open this PDF file: As you gain experience with webMethods CAF, you can modify your the procedures as appropriate: Using this view you can connect to, navigate, and interact with resources associated with a selected connection profile, such as a database.

Additionally, you should be familiar with the webMethods product suite and its integrated approach for developing, deploying, and running Web-based applications. They are suitable only for portlet application development. As you add managed bean to your CAF application project, Designer automatically adds the managed beans to the faces-config. This choice causes the CAF Base JSF Runtime component library to be associated with the Web application but not deployed with the application when you publish it to the server.

webMethods Designer Composite Application Framework Help

You can find documentation for all webMethods products on the webMethods Bookshelf. The webmethosd settings depend on what kind of application server you intend to use for development. Once configured, you can publish Web applications to the server. Servers Eclipse A table of runtime environments associated webmehhods Designer.

The various Developer Communities feature technical information, useful resources, and online discussion forums, moderated by Software AG professionals, to help you do more with webMethods technology.

Type only the information.