The tremolo has become one of b.y.o.c.’s most popular kits through word of mouth. And with good difficulty of the build is low. Welcome to /r/DIYPedals! This is an open community for the do-it-yourself pedal builders of reddit! Please use this subreddit to share. Shop new and used tremolo and vibrato pedals on Reverb. One of the oldest and most beloved effects ever conceived, tremolo and vibrato pedals have stood.

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The Rate control works the other way round, and should be wired differently.

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IvIark 18 May at I reckon it probably would work? Search in titles only Search in Effects and Processors only Search. Also, you can definitely get it slower if you want.

I’ve done almost 20 effect and 1st time have such problem. Paul Tremlo 29 March at Travis 8 May at So, I only have a CK pot, how can I make it k or close? Took me a while to find your question since it’s right in the middle of all the old posts. Well your cuts look right but it’s hard to tell anything else.

I can confirm that as well. Great to hear it’s working! So i followed mirosol advice on caps and changed k resistor after Q2 emitter below D1 to Ohm. It could be an issue whereby the specific gain of the transistors in btoc circuit is important, and your 2N were nearer to the required figure than your 2N I have no switch yet, SW2 green wire is an input, volume 2 – output, SW7 connected to the ground.


Not having any luck with this one. I’ll be happy to tell you the mods. I went back and tried several other NPN types and found that 2n worked much better.

IvIark 17 May at IvIark 26 Tremolk at Info about the original BYOC project and board: Applied your changes and it works as intended.

BYOC Tremolo

Thanks for the help! I had forgotten to mention that I substituted the 2ns with 2ns pretyy important detail, my bad. The indicator LED connections are shown and this will pulse in sync with the oscillator, and because the bypass method stops the oscillator when off, this means the LED will be off too.

I will send picture asap, thanks in advance. What should I look for where the signal path meets the effect? If that isn’t 0 volts then the oscillator won’t be working and so no effect so that is something you definitely need to check. Maybe can I change a resistor? Which tremolo pedal finishing design do you prefer? By the way i couldn’t find any 2n in my local stores so i used a J instead!

Recorded with my “surf green” what else??


byoc tremolo? | Harmony Central

Anders 5 May at Awesome pedal isn’t it I have the same one and I was blown away by the sound it’s capable of. Gavin J Horsburgh 28 March at I did not see this post till today but Nyoc like the Elvis theme: That could explain a part of it. I would like to make a few mods though: Paulo Rosa 29 October at It’s a great vintage sounding trem like you trdmolo find on an old Blackface Fender Amp.

I’m not sure if I can connect Sw7 directly to ground. Mine has vol, detph, speed and wave, check the clips 4ms site, ttemolo are very accurate of what this pedal can do.

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The reason for this is that during bypass the input to the effect is grounded and the emitter of the LFO transistor is disconnected from ground, and so stops the LFO continuing to cycle during bypass. IvIark 14 May at Sometimes I think it deserves a name and control labels, but it just feels right all naked and silver.

I have dry signal in bypass. Any ideas as to why in by-pass mode does the LED glow dimly?