Search in Bonfiglioli catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the Product Range Catalogue- Discrete Manufacturing & Process Industries .. Planetary gearboxes – Industrial Series – NORTH AMERICA EDITION. bonfiglioli catalogues, bonfiglioli gearboxes, bonfiglioli gearmotors, bonfiglioli electric motors, bonfiglioli supplier, bonfiglioli inverters. bonfiglioli gearboxes, bonfiglioli gearmotors, bonfiglioli electric motors, bonfiglioli catalogues, bonfiglioli supplier, bonfiglioli inverters.

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Series CSeries AkglbsSymbol refers to weight of All features are available for each of the 20 closely spaced frame sizes, spanning over the – Nm torque range. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Helical gear units C series Helical bevel gear units A series Shaft mounted gear units F series”. The many standard options that can be selected from the catalogue facilitate customization to meet specific application requirements.

Intuitive and simple, but powerful and effective. Top torque density, product variety, extremely wide speed choice, great compactness and price effectiveness make the C series the unparalleled line of helical gearmotors and speed reducers.

bonfiglioli catalogues, bonfiglioli gearmotors, bonfiglioli electric motors

Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Decentralized gearmotor platform with fully integrated variable speed drive”. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “T – Slew gears for marine applications” P. The helical-worm and the double-worm versions, with or without the torque limiter, also enhance a highly versatile drive system.

Complete machine solutionsconsisting of new BMI Human machine interfaceseries Available on all frame sizes – externally accessible.

After having read the privacy ccatalogue Easy to fit and largely maintenance-free, RAN units offer multiple shaft arrangements and a choice of several exact gear ratios, beside the 1: Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Wheel drives – Series” P.


Industrial Gearmotors

Bonfiglioli New IE3 Motors. Pressing line Extraction, squeezing. Customisable units of measurement. Bonfiglioli Shaft mounted speed gearbod. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog ” series – Slewing drives for industrial applications” P.

Whether you are designing a wheeled GOO Bonfiglioli3Bonfiglioli, one name for a large international group.

Figure for gearmotors incorporatesthe weight of the 4-pole Flange with motor coupling bell and intermediary elastic joint between the cylindrical shafts of the motor and gearbox. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Helical gear units C series Helical bevel gear units A series Shaft mounted gear units F series” P. Wheel drives Serie W: Mounted forward to cataloghe sturdy nodular cast iron case, and housed into a robust extruder support, HDPE units feature a heavy duty spherical roller thrust bearing cataloghe series …E, exclusively sourced from primary brands.

Compact inverters S2U standard. Motor temperature protection Heat sink overheat protection Selectable stop method. The A series is the first product to prove equally good in regard to efficiency and versatility within a highly competitive context, both performance- and price-wise. Simple and yet powerful is the S series, developed for the pump industry as well as the fan and blower application. Gearboxes for explosive environments. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “TA series – Shaft mounted gearboxes” P.

Solid shaft, single or double sided Hollow shaft with shrink disc Mounting flange.

Whether torque, robustness, or precision – this attractive product range scores in every category. Built-in standard keypad with potentiometer. Absolute encoder EnDAT 2. State of the art precision ground gears help to produce an extremely quiet and vibration-free product. All Bonfiglioli catalogs and technical brochures.


Thermistors and thermostat sensors Separate supply forced ventilation. Motors are designed for use in industrial environments and are Bonfiglioli Riduttori today is one of the top brands in the power transmission industry. Expansion of analog, digital inputs and outputs, additional encoder or resolver input and sincos encoder, repetition frequency output, System bus. The units of the RAN series are designed to fit the purposes of transmissions laid out in right angle setting.

Available in different fatalogue with input right angle; with output right angle and hollow shaft; with solid input shaftand servo-adapters to comply with most servomotors mechanical interface from the market. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Solutions for the Construction Industry” P. The BC series of motors are the simple, bondiglioli and economical solution to the requirements of DC drives.

Easy programming interface with real time oscilloscope. Three-phase V and three-phase V on demand. Possono derivare dannialla salute e rischi per lasicurezza delle persone. LCK replicate in the right angle layout excellent features already typical of the inline products LC series. Type Rated torque [Nm].

VF and W series. The dimensions of the motor are drastically reduced, with considerable advantages in terms of torque density, overall dimensions and dynamic performance. Single-phase motors of the BS series are manufactured to the applicable IEC standards and are of the enclosed type, externally ventilated and with run capacitor permanently connected.

Sturdy cast iron housing suitable for outdoor installation.

Temperature and oil level sensors Drywell.