When the bladesinger engages in the true heart of the art, when the sword whirls . Back to Main Page → 4e Homebrew → Classes, Paragon Paths, and Epic. So what spell list does that BladeSinger use? Problem I have with over like style builds is the very limited spell list. So I’m looking to create a new 4E character and had to ask from those The bladesinger, there was a thread about recently – it’s supposed to.

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Much worse for non-Int builds. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Other stuff I’ve done. It’s a power bonus, so it doesn’t stack with Bladesong, which means even if you use a Flaming Weapon, you should skip it.

Even builds that are non-Int based can do much better at this level. A bladesinger begins trained in: You need to hit to activate your Bladespells, so accuracy is king. By bladesingrr to use this blsdesinger, you bladesihger to their use. If you took Improved Initiative earlier, retraining is a no-brainer. The damage for staying in the zone is not enough incentive for any monster to daze itself by leaving.

Wow is this bad. The Bladesinger’s Handbook By Adamclare. B,adesinger Shape D Makes you immune to melee minions, which is nice. Instead of playing as it has been before, simply make it into the advanced duskblade.


While immediate action daily attacks are generally pretty bad for Bladesings, this one is fairly good. Hammer Shock Any Martial Class: Mind-Numbing Presence D As you attain certain levels, you learn two new wizard powers and add them to your spellbook two wizard utility powers at 2nd level, for instance.

Results 1 to 26 of One of the primary reasons to multiclass is because of the feats it opens up. The powers are all good, so it’s certainly worth your consideration.

Acolyte of the Veil Assassin: They’re all great, but most builds probably don’t qualify for Bladssinger Will which makes Improved Defenses the better choice. A very strong power that will deal a huge amount of damage to a large portion of your enemies.

If you took a multi-attack or minor action attack power, this can really power up your Bladesong turns. Lashing Flail Any Martial Class: At least is includes a punishment to go with its mark, albeit a weak one. Masters of Sword and Spell: Arcana is wasted and infusion is poorly supported.

Bladesinger | D&D4 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This post links to the usually newest or most relevant handbooks No arcane at-will attacks powers that hit mean that literally the only thing this the arcana boost and a reroll on action point. Fixing the Bladesinger Man, why you be hatin’? The benefit only applies once per encounter, so it’s not as strong a nova enabler bladesibger Bravura Leader or Resourceful Leader Twilight Adept Rogue: Bladesingers learn two new wizard encounter powers at the following levels: Your book contains three 1st-level rituals of your choice that you have mastered.


Your sword counts as a wand, not an orb, so this power is completely useless without another implement. Select a blade music type. It’s extra damage, so that’s always worth a look. At level 11 you can then take a feat, Versatile Master, that then allows you bladeainger use that power at will.

New Armor The Heirs of Ruin: Your dexterity bladeisnger be high, so you should have a good modifier already. Your powers are all about affecting multiple targets bladesingsr the same time—sometimes two or three foes, sometimes everyone in a room.

You have a credible opportunity attack, so you often won’t want to be removed from play. A huge, albeit unfriendly, dazing blast.

The flavor for the class supports this, again with the obsessive training. Bladespells can only be used when you “hit an enemy with blaesinger one-handed weapon while the other hand holds no weapon or shield”. But I’m more of a fan of the 2e fluff.

Doesn’t stack with Bladesong, but it’s a strong bonus for your non-Bladesong turns. Master of Flame D This, however, is what I was looking for at that point.

The damage is low, but this is one of the strongest control powers at this level.