There is no toxicity, and there are no problems caused by taking a wrong Bio Cell Salt — it just won’t work. In all their diversity BioChemical Cell Salts can. The “ Homeopathic” system of the Cell Salt remedies was developed by Dr. Schuessler a German doctor in the late ‘s. He analyzed the ash. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler (Schuessler) was a German medical doctor and naturopath. He concocted twelve biochemic ‘cell salts’ or ’tissue.

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Yellowish coating on the tongue especially with diarrhea and intestinal disorders. New Era Laboratories Ltd. Single-copy reproduction for individual, non-commercial use is permitted providing no alterations biocheimc content are made, and credit is given.

The Skeptic Magazine Awards. They are simply expensive and useless food stuffs. Formur is another readily available paperback guide to specific uses of the Schuessler cell salts. How to be Independently Healthy reader reviews at http: Mag phos Magnesium phosphoricum is helpful in the treatment of frequent cramps and spasms of muscles. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. These play a vital role in both the physical integrity and proper functioning of the organism as a whole.

Biochemical Cell Salt Kit

External links Twitter Facebook Discord. If they comply with all of these restrictions, they will not be medicines, but will simply be food supplements and have to comply with food regulations. Colds and hay fever with watery or thickening clear discharge: Specifically, his is what they say:. A “salt” is any type of readily dissolvable mineral combination, not just table salt.


This eminently practical work concentrated on just 12 simple mineral combinations, or salts, which he believed to be crucial to the health of the body.

So, it’s perfectly OK to advertise these products as long as it is not claimed that they are in any way homeopathic, they ecll not have a homeopathic ‘potency’ and they have no therapeutic indications.

Regenerate with Cell Salts – American School of Natural Health

The symptoms are generally worse in the evening, or in a closed stuffy room, and are better for fresh air. Regenerate with Cell Salts Course Syllabus.

Nutricentre Thirteen of the sixteen Schuessler products they advertise are currently out of stock. Craves and feels better for fresh warm, dry air. But what about the websites of the three sellers mentioned in the MHRA’s decision?

Cell Salts regulate the nutrient supply in cells and thus stimulate the self-healing mechanism of the body. Also the bones and parts of the skin and blood vessels belong to the connective which is why Calcium fluoride can be used for all problems of these tissues.

Symptoms related to excessive dryness or moisture. Even if the ingredients named on the bottles were effective, the salts are far too dilute 6X signifies a dilution of 1: Because they are not registered, authorised or hold a Marketing Authorisation, they are not permitted to make medicinal claims.

Edzard on Thursday 12 April at You will receive a confirmation email. AN Other on What is osteopathy? It is supportive in the treatment of muscle pains e. The Schuessler cell salts may be seen as special raw materials for the body, which you need more of if you run out of what you normally have.


Feel discontented, desire change. THE following report is issued under section of the Health Act, Please try to keep an open mind. Die fantastischen 12 by Sabine Wackep.

Low spirits, effects of suppressed grief, haunting unpleasant memories. Kali sulph Kalium sulfuricum helps relieve chronic inflammations and chronic skin disorders.

Any form of self-treatment or alternative health program necessarily must involve an individual’s acceptance of some risk, and no one should assume otherwise.

Efficient use of Schuessler’s biochemistry requires three things: I could not find a single study on Schuessler Salts — but if anyone knows of one, I would be ready to change my view. The potentiation process multiplies the essential energy of a substance while at the same time decreasing the dosage amount. Blood, lungs, mucous membranes, skin, hair.

Kali Mur Kalium chloratum is helpful in inflammations of the mucous membranes, e. For concerns on copyright infringement please see: Eases pain, headache, muscular strains and sprains. Emotional changes, sadness and low energy especially following injury. Second stage of respiratory disorders with white mucus: Try cell salt nr.