Read “Binding Krista” by Jory Strong online on Bookmate – Fallon Mates, Book One For Adan d’Amato and Lyan d’Vesti, only a shared bond-mate will ensure. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jory Strong has been writing since childhood and has Binding Krista (Fallon Mates Book 1) – Kindle edition by Jory Strong. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Fallon Mates: Binding Krista [Jory Strong] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book 1 in the Fallon Mates series. For Adan d’Amato and Lyan.

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So we have mastered genetic engineering but no trace of an antivirus I cannot see one woman being able to keep up with both men to such a degree. Thank you for your patience. Let me summarize this book for you before you waste your time: All hope to avoid extinction rested on the unmated males, yet each male carried both the fear that there would be no match and the knowledge that it required a Vesti or Amato co-mate in order to produce offspring.

They complement each other very well. Maybe they’re not actively hunting her, but they could be connected to her ex, they could be opportunistic and hand her over in hopes of reward.

Also wish there would have been a little bit of humor in it they all seemed so darn serious through the whole book! For Adan d’Amato and Lyan d’Vesti, only a shared bond-mate will ensure the continuance of their race. Their relationship is not conventional but it is intriguing and progresses at a believable pace. Not glancing her way and exchanging words and smiling, perhaps indicating two normal guys who just think she’s attractive or something School Donation Program In Memory of Krista is tough and resourceful.


Krista is also very open-minded and creative. Looking forward to the next book. Apr 14, Debbie rated it really liked it. Strong has done a nice job of world building in this first book. Krista has no idea that she is attracted to aliens. He snarled, Curse the Hotalings and their get.

Jory Strong also mixes it up nicely with Adan being more your suave, tender lover while Lyan was a much more dominate and forceful personality.

Binding Krista

I will say I hate it when it drags on too much but a happy medium would be nice. From what I read of the first book [and what I eventually ended up just skimming through], I probably wouldn’t proceed to read the next in the series. This is the type of story that I want more storyline and the same amount of sex. An Alien to Die For. I wanted to see angelic creatures.

But I have been a model citizen. Dragon Bindin of Wye. Alright, I failed at the no-ranting part.

About having a crazy but powerful guy hunting her down. Jiry think I would have enjoyed this story much more fleshed out.

Krista is on the run from a former boyfriend after witnessing him killing an undercover policeman. Despite her so called desperation of being chased by her criminal ex for almost a year.

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Jun 29, Lorraine Lesar rated it liked it. Dec 02, Jill rated it liked it Shelves: We will see if you remain amused as this plays out. Jan 18, Jennifer rated it really liked it. I don’t know the guys’ sizes – as in height and build, people, get your head out of the gutter. Feb 07, Christine rated it liked it Shelves: How To Swap Books? Good sex, good characters, and a fast paced plot that makes your head spin is always a good combination.

Krista is on the run from her boyfriend.

This is krusta steamy paranormal menage a trois story. Krista is proving a little slipperier than they would have imagined and she come with baggage binring lots of muscle chasing her. I’m kind a sucker for books like that so this one totally worked for me! Once they do so, they hope Krista’s desire and growing love for her two out of this world hunks will be enough to get her to leave her home and journey into theirs.



I know sttong going to be laughed at but there seemed to be way too much erotica in the book, I found myself skipping a lot of it in most of these books. When she’s not hunched over her computer, lost in the muse and conjuring up new heroes and heroines, she can usually be found reading, riding her horses, or hiking with her dogs. I was intrigued with the concept of winged individuals that would represent angels and demons in out mythology. Since I only read one, whether there are more or not.

When it comes to all the plots in all the books most seem to be the same and I’m not sure why why immediatly fall into bed with each other but they do.

Binding Krista Fallon Mates Bk 1, Jory Strong. (Paperback )

There are some complications caused by Krista’s mob-connected ex, but he’s dealt kridta quickly. After getting her to accept their claim the show her who they really are, men with wings woot! They have to do this since enemies of their race, the Hotalings, used genetic weaponry and rendered their females infertile. There’s a brief mention like “After getting away from Alexi the ex-boyfriendshe didn’t know who to trust”, but