The BenQ W is ISF certified for optimum colour performance in both Day and Night modes. So it easily adapts to any room’s ambient light levels as well as . disconnect it from the power point and call BenQ to have the projector repaired. This projector is capable of displaying inverted images for ceiling mount. BenQ W Projector Specifications. Posted on February 24, By Art Feierman. Click Here! BenQ W Specs. Projector Model, W Technology .

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The W is a fairly compact projector, and light enough to be moved around.

Finally there is a Colour Management System Bennq with control over the Hue tint bfnq, Saturation colour and Gain luminance or brightness of all three primary colours and all three secondary colours. Design and Connections BenQ tend to use one of two basic chassis designs for their projectors and the W utilises the more rectangular one which, thanks to economies of scale, is actually quite well assembled.

The gamma was still tracking at 2. You can find all our recommended best settings here.

Calibrated The two-point white balance control proved to be very effective and after only a few minutes we had the greyscale tracking at our target of with equal amounts bennq red, green and blue. This site beenq cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. All the connections are at the rear, with the two HDMI inputs on the left hand side, above the three-pin socket for the power cable.


The colour management system CMS wasn’t quite as effective and we were unable to correct the errors in blue but this wasn’t apparent in actual viewing material. But the picture never strays into overblown territory.

However if that isn’t an issue for you, then there’s a lot to like about the W Calibration Pre-calibration As usual, the Cinema picture mode proved to be the most accurate and so we used that for our out-of-the-box measurements. We also turned off the Clarity Control, Frame Interpolation and Brilliant Colour features, whilst a Sharpness setting of 1 appeared to neither sharpen nor soften the image.

BenQ have been quietly producing a range of budget DLP projectors that can deliver genuinely impressive levels of performance, especially when you consider their price.

The graph above right shows the colour performance which was reasonable but clearly being affected by the errors in the greyscale. The W includes a frame interpolation feature but given the excellent motion handling venq DLP it really isn’t necessary and has a detrimental effect on motion in film-based material.

We tested the W with a range of material and found that the it performed well with both standard and high definition content although, unsurprisingly, it was Blu-ray that looked the best. There are also some basic control buttons on the top, just in case you misplace the remote.

BenQ W Video Review. So unsurprisingly the W was impressive, producing big 3D images that were both detailed and, most importantly, bright. As we’ve come to expect, the 3D performance was superb and the BenQ delivered an immersive and enjoyable experience, with images that were completely free of crosstalk.


There are also buttons for directly accessing certain calibration controls, as well as the User modes. The W is well apportioned for a projector at this price point and even includes a basic lens shift.

The images are w14000 bright and contain plenty of detail, whilst the motion handling is superb, never smearing on camera pans or fast movement.

BenQ W 3D DLP Projector Review | AVForums

Yes, my password is: Whilst it correctly detected 3: You want this Total 1. Then we moved on to The Hobbit: The provided remote control is a small white affair but it’s comfortable to hold and easy to use. The gamma was tracking very accurately around bejq target of 2. The frequent snow backgrounds were devoid of 1w400 and the sense of depth and dimensionality was excellent.

The glasses use RF to sync and are reasonably light and comfortable to wear, with large lenses that can fit over prescription specs.

BenQ W1400 Projector

The projector benqq simple to setup thanks to the lens controls, flexible in terms of placement and very easy to use. The W did a wonderful job of replicating the stereographer’s intent, producing images that were bright, detailed and crosstalk-free. The Desolation of Smaug.