View Notes – wheelockkey from LATIN at University of Texas, Arlington. http :/ Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answer http:/ Wheelock’s books to order, as well as a great list of helpful links. Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answers – A free answer key for Wheelock’s exercises. 5 days ago looking for, from the many other titlesof Wheelock Latin Workbook Answer Key Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answers – A Wheelock Answer Key.

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Withdraw into your very bennissimus. Philosophers used to ask every day whether those students were obedient to nature. The highest power is always to be sought by the best men. Money excites, not satisfies a greedy man. In our city it befell me to be taught how much the angry Achilles had harmed the Greeks.

Multi discipuli parvum tempus litteris Graecis habebant. This entire book always praises Roman literature. Pecunia et gloria animum viri boni superabant.

But you have that consul who does not hesitate to finish his duty and obey your decrees and whselock defend you. My book nourishes human beings with prudent advice.

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Qui fuit Cicero orator Romanus Maximus, consul qui senatui pareret. If you had not returned home this summer, we would have wandered on the long route to Athens, and we would have spent wheeock time pleasantly there.


On the same day, ten thousand of the enemy were turned away and driven out by the most loyal leader; many soldiers had received wounds and were lying in the fields. Nature, not rank makes whwelock good man. Who had been ordered at that time to free Greece from fear, defend the families, and keep the enemy from the fatherland? Just as the small girl was running through the door, she suddenly fell and bruised her knees badly.

We preserved the liberty and rights of these cities from the arts of war.

Si isti nobis vero placere vellent, opibus suis contra civitatem non sic uterentur. Si mox veniant illi philosophi, felicior sis. Post tempora mala virtus vera et labor multus civitatem adiuvabunt. A hundred of the men feared death for a long time and expected no mercy.

Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answers

Not only is qheelock blind, but it also makes those who it always helps blind. There are weak men who marvel at trivial hweelock and always pardon themselves. The consuls joined themselves neither with you nor with those others.

His mind was ignorant of evil arts. But now, I have changed my behavior and tomorrow I shall drag my two sons back to me. Although you are wealthy and your riches grow, benissimue you wish to spare your wealth and you will offer an as to no one.


Since the city was full of guards, you did not dare to undertake crimes so grievous as you had wished. How sweet liberty is!

In their family were two daughters and also four sons. The girls warn the teacher about the evil plan without delay. We find wheelcok fear in this man. The delay was conquering our spirits and we did not possess the cure. After he began to have riches, he died! You give twice, if you give quickly. Let us take the opportunity from the day, my friends.

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Haec lux semper est clarior altera. There is nothing made by labor or by hand that time does not consume. That leader, long absent, was employing such foolish plans in regards to the benissiimus that thousands of citizens were forced to suffer troubles and many good men perished. The quick rumor ran by the mouths and ears of all without delay. Fortune makes stupid him whom she loves too much.