Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Barbara Elsborg lives in Kent in the South of England. She always wanted to be a spy, but having confessed to everyone. Strangers: Ellora’s Cave This was good!! Really good. Buuttt I was able to put it down and go to sleep without dreaming about them. For the. When the worlds of these two strangers collide, their lives take an upward twist. In surviving Strangers. Front Cover. Barbara Elsborg. Ellora’s Cave Publishing.

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Strangers by Barbara Elsborg

And, it’s not like she murdered his parents or his dog or his siblings or raped someone or any other heinous thing They help each other out, survive, and form a strong bond of trust, where one helps the other find a reason to live.

Charlie’s a mega-star with a drug, alcohol, and sex addiction whereas Kate’s a waitress with low self-esteem, little to no self-respect at least where Charlie’s concernedand no note-worthy people-reading skills even after everything she has been through. View all comments. No one really knows the real her but she feels a strong connection with Charlie from the beginning.

When will you write another mf book?

Book Review – Strangers by Barbara Elsborg

Great plot, Barhara you’ll love over and over and scenes that will make or barbwra your heart. Maybe I’ll ask Loose Id and see what they say. I fell in love with the characters.

And if there weren’t enough signs already, within a week of Kate and Charlie strangefs up over the most ridiculous misunderstanding, Charlie nearly view spoiler [slept with another woman.


If you got attached to something, it only got taken away. Kate has never in her life felt wanted by anyone and Charlie has spent his life being wanted by everyone. Kate and Charlie have a little piece of my heart. My main concern is how abusive their relationship barbada.

I went from laughing out loud, to hot and bothered, then totally pissed off and then feeling like I was going to throw up from being so upset. Prior to Big Brother I could have accepted they maybe didn’t but this one fact – ignoring other issues – made the book not work for me. For at least 75 pages.

View all 73 comments. Open Preview See a Problem?

Smashwords – Strangers – a book by Barbara Elsborg

I love the characters, neither is of them is perfect and I Love that. There are some things I do not like mixed in with my romance and Ms. There were a few extremely emotional scenes, and one made me cry: These characters consume your every waking moment.

View all 21 comments. What a sweet and seductive romance between two unlikely characters that meet in the most desperate of situations. I want to shoot my cum all over your belly. Fat, thin, tail, flippers?

Alyssa Hesperia Loves Books ‘s in Steamy stuff, but also heartwarming and sigh-inducing. I almost loved it! You’ve successfully reported this review. I love you because you’ve made me see I’m more than I thought.

But I can’t stop read your book. I can only think of one other, An Ordinary Girlthat I really enjoyed, but thought the others were crazy over the top and reminiscent bargara the most ridiculous soap opera plots. As a babara I was rooting for Charlie and Kate all the way.


Two broken people who want to end their lives because they are so unhappy, Kate and Charlie meet by strange coincidence… both trying to kill themselves by drowning at sea but maybe it was a sign… he thought Kate was a mermaid – I found that so cute! I thought both MCs were great Kate was pathetic cheer Charlie was concerned, their relationship was toxic, and Charlie treat Amazing review!

I went into this one open minded and struggled from the start. Yet toward the end of the book, when she need to learn how to harness her powers as a witch – she claims she’s too impatient. All in all I loved it and have re-read and will most likely read it again. Aug 30, Kate and Charlie meet in a very unusual way, they are both trying to commit suicide and end up saving each other. Refresh and try again. It made me thankful I have a good life with many loving, genuine people around me.

She dealt with the serious issue of suicide, and made a heartwarming story.

Thank you so much, Ali. Overall, while I enjoyed the main couple, and believed their concerns for one another, the other characters, just felt unreal. I rarely give books a full 5 rating, but this will be the second for me this week.