Z, Payment Group Next Number, UBE R76BES NN 04/06, This UBE generates a unique identifier for the flat file and assigns a next number from 04/ Appendix: (BRA) Fields for Flat Files for Ato COTEPE 11 of This appendix discusses: Sum of fields: [(09+10+11) − (04+05+06+07+08)]. E update-of-paf-ecf-according-to-ato-cotepe-icmsfromfor

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These codes are used in the system to identity different types of nota fiscal transactions. If the nota fiscal is outbound, FB. No similar item in domestic market. Verification end date from a value that you enter in the Ato Cotepe Administ Process program. Code Description blank Company stock held by company 1 Company stock held by company 2 Company stock held by others 3 Other’s stock held by company.

The tax calculator uses these adjustment names to determine which category codes to use. For example, you could set up the codes as shown in this table: Verify that the following values are set up in your system: The system considers the address numbers added in this UDC table and eliminates them from receiving email notifications.

Consider changing the name of the category codes to a name that is meaningful and relates to the usage of the category code.

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Brazilian localization requires that seven category codes be set up. The first three characters of the codes must be completed as illustrated in this table: For example, you can set up these document types: The system also uses this UDC table to determine whether a transaction is in inbound or outbound transaction.

The fiscal value codes for ICMS tax indicate whether transactions are taxable, exempt, or eligible for a reduced tax rate.


The value for the attribute varies, depending on the processing options for R76B03ZS: The fiscal value codes for IPI tax indicate whether transactions are taxable, exempt, or eligible for a reduced tax rate.

Empresa Emitente Issuing Company. You set up special handling codes for the Brazil-specific document types to specify an operation type and to create a cross-reference between the two-character document type that JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software uses and the three-character Brazilian document types. It also includes a code that you use to identify text for a correction request to a nota fiscal.

Nacional, mercadoria ou bem com Conteudo de Import. The system uses the value in the Postal Code field without the separator.

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Complete the PA transfer structure or assign another PA transfer structure to the sender. The UDC codes consists of a two-character abbreviation of the state in the Code field and the full name of the state in the Description 01 field. When you set up this UDC table, enter the geographic location in the Description 01 field, enter the alphabetic characters in the Codes field.

Enter the element name in the Description 01 field. IPI fiscal value codes for taxable transactions have a 1 in the Special Handling field. To sum the tax amounts by more than one demonstrative code, enter all of the codes in the Description 01 field and separate them with spaces.

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Total credit ICMS substitute tax by adjustments. Field 02 of the register in block 0. To avoid conflicting with the category codes that are already in use, localization dynamically allocates the category codes that it requires. For inbound transactions, F76B The Codes field contains a code that is a concatenation of a transaction nature code plus a suffix.

Kindly help me where i am missing the configuration. ICMS substitute tax credit balance to transfer to next period.


The system uses the Date Separator UDC to format a string of numbers that the system will use as a date. In the Special Handling Code field, the 1 in the first position indicates that the item origin requires an FCI number.

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Thanks and Regards Mohammed. The sum of the values: If the Customer Address option is blank, uses the value for the Address 1 field in the F table for the address coteps number that appears in the Address Number field in the F03B11 table.

Set up the special handling code with three or four characters. Codes Description 01 Description 02 25 26 25 26 27 28 27 coteoe 27 A value that completes the places between two attributes with a character that 80 select. Codes Description 01 Description 02 24 01 24 02 24 05 24 07 24 08 24 Values 00 through 07 are hard-coded in Brazilian localization, but you can change the descriptions to suit your needs. Code Description 0 Without centralized bookkeeping 1 Owner of centralized bookkeeping 2 With centralized bookkeeping.

Credit Card 03 1. Please refer the files and kindly suggest why tao amount in the first screen of the Total cash payments differs with the next screen of Print cash journal total cash payment field. C for accounts payable vouchers and accounts receivable invoices P for accounts payable payments R for accounts receivable receipts. The system performs receipt first on fee invoice, and then the difference on the original invoice.