Haber Yazmak – Prof. Dr Atilla Girgin, Dr. Seçil Özay at – YURTTAŞ GAZETECİLİĞİ Karşılaşılan her yeni şey, haberdir. Gerçek olan bir şeyin özetidir. HABER YAZMA İNCELİKLERİ NİHAN BORA. Haber Yazmak (3) Atilla Girgin. Uploaded by. Mehmet Keskin · Uploaded by. Mehmet Keskin · Mobile Importance. Uploaded by. Mehmet Keskin.

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But 10 minutes broadcast was watched by people. Interview with Axel Bruns Part One http: Any news, which do not answer all of these six questions cannot be said to in integrity.

Instruction Methods, Technics and Approaches.

Yeni Medya ve Dokunmatik Toplum. Have at least one foreign language in order to communicate with their colleague and follow them. The attack occurred at In the meantime, the audience were asking questions on the one hand and giving information on the atolla hand. Alternative and Activist New Media. Editor evaluates 2ndo round story of the 2nd story. Use technics of shooting, production and post-production effectively.

One such example occurred in the observation period. News writing trials are done as well as theoretical knowledge. This makes the audience more tazmak to act as a participant by asking questions or commenting.


Course Information

One of the comparison criteria is how much of the presented material is news and how much of it is source material. Feb 16 – March 17, Entry in the field continues with chanted slogans.

In addition, regular content production is a major issue in the new media per se. For example, for anyone contemplating a career in journalism, familiarity in the use of computer technology and a capacity to make creative use of the Internet are as central as the use of a typewriter was previously Dahlgren, With the analog technology the radio broadcast could be done in limited time via one channel whereas with digital technology today it can be done in many platforms.

I had drawn conclusions from the sample I used there through quantitative analysis method. Whereas in this study, the research was moved one step ahead and broadcasts in the sample have been reviewed in terms of reporting and interviewing styles. Much of it is, literally, ambient, and being produced by professionals and citizens Hermida, In one-month period, when the observation took place, the Editor broadcasted only 5 times on Periscope. Positioning of journalism as a profession differs from some other established professions, and this is a feature that holds the doors open to the citizen journalists.


What is multimedia journalism? When video journalism met the mobile technology, this time the term mobile journalism was born.

In the first of these broadcasts from his office, he comments on an issue that he chose, by involving his journalistic experience as a commentator, and in the second broadcast, he reads the front pages of newspapers and comments on the mainstream media’s way of handling the agenda in a critical attitude.

But he immediately blocks the senders of messages containing hate, violence, or insults.

Journalism at the Crossroads. Use the computer in case communication field needs.

Haber Yazmak by Atilla Girgin

However, those broadcasts are rather in the old media format than the new media format. They are committed to enter the field. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. As you can see, the women do not obey the prohibition.