Here you can find the detailed ARX ASURO Documentation and Datasheets of the parts used on ARX ASURO. You will need the Acrobat Reader to view these. The ATmega8 that comes with the Asuro robot uses an undocumented protocol to upload programs and is locked so you can’t change it, meaning you couldn’t. Learn more about Asuro Robot. We enable science by offering product choice, services, process excellence and our people make it happen.

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My modifications to the Asuro robot 6 The electronics of the Asuro robot are powered by a battery.

I asurro to make a personal Asuro library based on the Asuro library v2. This means you need more batteries to compensate for the extra 2 Volts, and the efficiency of these voltage regulators is not great.

Commodore Info Page – Articles: Asuro Robot [en]

My rechargeable AAA batteries have a capacity of mAh. PollSwitch I also wrote a small program that sends the value of the switches on the Asuro robot to the PC. The program uses the line follow sensor to stay on the black line. The motors are now controlled by only variable per motor. I also made a second battery-pack with four rechargeable AA batteries that have a capacity of mAh.


For the flashing I use the Windows version of the flash program via Wine. But take a look at “My modifications to the Asuro robot” before assembling the Asuro robot. I made the following corrections.

Every robto ms one of the four sensors is read, so after every 4 ms all the sensor values are refreshed.

Related Hardware and Initiatives. Front button detection Checking the front buttons is made by sending voltage from digital out 3, and reading analogue in 4. Follow the instructions in the Asuro manual which is also on the CD that comes with the Asuro.


Asruo The Asuro robot is a small in C programmable robot. Take the ATmega8 out of the Asuro keep it around, because it’s programmed with a useful self-test. I wanted a little bit more than that and decided to upgrade the battery system.

LineData After that I wrote a small program that sends the value of the line follow sensor on asro Asuro robot to the PC. If you are getting information from other sensors, the reading of the odometer sensor is halted.

Asuro Robot

My conclusion is that the metal cover of the motor caused a short-circuit on the circuit board. The result of this modification is a stable measurement from the odometer sensors that are comparable with the measurements with 0 mm distance. After I had removed the motor from the circuit board the rogot was gone. The surrounding light has influence on the line follow censor.


You can upload programs straight from the Arduino environment. For more info pleae look at this Forum Post.

A comprehensive manual is supplied to assemble the Asuro robot. Strange things happened during the execution of a program, and also the program stopped for an unexplained reason.

There are possibilities in the software asuro. If there is an obstacle, aeuro Asuro robot drives an alternative route.

The playground is a publicly-editable wiki about Arduino. Arduino sketch for simple controls: My modifications to the Asuro robot 4 Not every Asuro robot is exactly the same. When there is strong sun-light the odometry sensors are nor working correctly. And the driving speed is also dependent of the battery voltage.