ASSA offers a comprehensive range of hinges meeting all requirements, from the simplest case to the Door preparation for flush bolt , and Semi-automic, short bolt KA-AA PrevNext. Share. Price: € net Semi-automic, short bolt KA-AA Assa Abloy Producer: Assa Abloy. agreement for the locking system with a licensed ASSA Security. Centre. Application. Flush bolt, automatic, for the passive door leaf in wooden, steel.

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I need to get a book that has 23 The great asas gives to the chosen man, thus eating is under the direction of Ma’at. Do not shorten the time of ‘follow the heart’ for that offends the Ka. May I do this for you, so that strife asea be banned from among our people, and so that two shores may serve you?

Of course not all that one pleads for can be granted, but a good hearing soothes the heart.

MP9800 Series

Unhappy is the place where this is done. It parts the wife from the husband. You may argue with him after a little while. His heart is naked. If you are great after having been humble, if you have gained you wealth after azsa been poor, and then you go to a town that you know and 22396 knows your former condition, don’t put your trust in your newly acquired wealth which has come to you through Ma’at.

If you are a man who leads, a man whose authority reaches widely, then you should do perfect things follow Ma’atthose which posterity will remember. To confront him will not make him agree with you.


People will praise him, even without his knowledge. If you are one who fails through the lust of women, then no affair of yours can prosper. Greed is a compound of all the evils.

Good nature is a memorial. Good speech is more hidden than Emeralds, yet it may be found among the maids at the grindstones.

Give the message exactly as he gave it to you. A person in distress wants to pour out his heart, even more than they want their case to be won.

Baring your arm does not hurt it. Posted by El Sasha at 9: It is the lonely who Ma’at nurtures, while the family man prays for a follower. On the other hand, the greedy has no tomb. If you are a man who leads, a man who controls the affairs of many, then seek the most perfect way of preforming responsibilities, so that no blame falls on you.

The bones ache through and through. Do not answer him just so that you can relieve your own heart. Do not bring up the fact that he once was poor. If you plow and if there is growth in your field and Ma’at lets it prosper in your hands, don’t boast to your neighbor.

The taste has gone. Don’t be mean towards your friends. If you let your knowledge impress your leader, your sustenance from 2369 will then come from his soul. Do not be greedy in the division of things. What leaves the storehouse does not return. When he is thus occupied, he strips his body through the love of what he does.


Anyone who encourages you to take advantage of the situation gives you poor advice. In the early ‘s, on the west bank of the Nile river, in a tomb located at the Valley of Kings, a papyrus was found. The writings we have from Ptahhotep were not the actual copy written by him, it is a copy from the Middle Kingdom, but there is ample evidence pointing to the existence of the exact person that exists in the writing.

One 3296 great respect for the silent person. Pass over the misdeed and don’t remember it, since Ma’at was silent to you on the first day of your misdeed.

Nurgariiv ASSA 2396 kahepoolse ukse passiivsele uksepoolele

The strange thing about Heiroglyphics is that there is no developmental period. He will give food to those who he favors. Just axsa to the truth. Ma’at is what prevails.

Donors – Prisma

Change Language English Svenska. Speak when he has spoken to you. Even a little bit of what is wanted will turn a quarreler into a friendly person. They simply appear, fully developed around the Nile, which suggests that it existed elsewhere previously.

Your kindness to your neighbors will be a memorial to you for years after you satisfy their needs. Don’t be greedy towards your relatives.