Appendix B: State Disaster Management and Relief Committee . definition of disaster under National Security Council (MKN) No covers any incident. MKN Arahan No. 20 (NSC Directive No. 20). Tuesday, March 20, Notes No comments. MKN Arahan No. 20 (NSC Directive No. 20) Download here. 20 (Majlis Keselamatan Negara Arahan No. 20) MKN 20 came into force on 11 May following its approval by YAB Prime Minister of.

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Level I Disaster Financial Statement should be forwarded at the Disaster Management and Relief at their level respectively.

The honorable of Chief Minister and Menteri Besar of each state who is also appointed as the Director of State Operation is also responsible in ensuring the smooth of the control and management of disaster that occurred in their state. John Ambulance and other relevant agencies and voluntary bodies.

To advise workers in security aspects of radiation protect before and during the search and rescue operation. Director of State Public Works Department. National Security Division also instrumental to ensure that arhaan Policy and Mechanism of National Disaster Management and Relief is implemented and practiced to run smoothly.

To identify and to form evacuation centres and front post. Natural disaster such as flood, storm, drought, shore erosion, landslide or any other disaster because of araban wind and heavy rain.

To provide trained aarhan and skill services at scene of incident to manage and coordinate technical matters in aspect of atomic power, such as to monitor radiation and to clear radioactive agent. District Engineer, Irrigation and Drainage Department. Act as a leader, supervisor and coordinator in search and rescue operation.

Director of State Environment Department. Monday, 30 March Arahan mkm The objective of this Directive is to draw a Land Disaster Management and Relief Policy based on level of disaster and to establish a Management Mechanism which decides the role and responsibility of agencies involved in actions against a disaster.

To support by offering services of members from all ranks during disaster. Such incidents of non-disastrous is not govern under this directive. Appoint a Forward Commander among the members of search and rescue agencies.


Mayor may invoke National Security Council Directive

To arahqn out investigation whenever necessary and prepare report and evidence. To ensure the security of workers involved in rescue operation. The role of National Security Division against the management and relief of national disaster in detail is in Appendix D. Move immediately to the sight of scene and make an early assessment of the disaster. Through this directive, a procedure of movement phase for the search and rescue units and the relevant agencies in disaster operation at location is based on the Guidelines on Disaster Operation in Appendix J.

To coordinate disaster management and search and rescue training which is carried out from time to time. Only the Chairman of Management and Relief Disaster, Operation Commander or an officer authorized by the Chairman of Management and Relief Disaster is allowed to issue any xrahan to the press if necessary. The form of the accident or incident has no possibility of spreading.

MKN – Majlis Keselamatan Negara

To ask those relevant agencies to bring forward their reports on the preventive steps taken to avoid or to minimized the impact of disaster. Any disaster incident at early stage should be manage by the relevant agencies using the facilities and resources at District Level Management. At the same 02, search and arzhan agencies and any agencies involved in disaster management also has to be at the scene and get ready to act when order is given by Disaster Operation Commander.

It is a place where media officers and staffs can perform their duty in connection with the disaster coverage. Tujuan arahan ini diwujudkan adalah untuk menggariskan dasar dan arayan pengurusan bencana secara menyeluruh termasuk mln dan tanggungjawab Agensi Kerajaan, badan berkanun, pihak swasta dan badan-badan sukarela meliputi peringkat sebelum, semasa dan selepas berlaku sesuatu bencana supaya pengemblengan sumber dapat disepadukan bagi mengelakkan pembaziran, konflik serta pertindihan peranan.

To provide divers services. To ensure that search and rescue operation is done smoothly and effectively. To give emergency treatment service to the trapped victims.

To assist with preparing machinery equipment facilities to be used in relation to disaster at all level. As soon as the incident is classified as a disaster which is need a combined operation by many sections, PKTK should be opened immediately.


Directives National Security Council

To collect and protect information, evidences and exhibits in connection with nuclear and radiology accident occurred. However, when patients stop therapy, virus rebounds to high levels in most patients, sometimes associated with severe illness because i have gone through this and even an increased risk of death.

The ship was carrying oil and such fire has the potentiality of spreading because it was m,n to Shell Company ,oil depot. State Level The whole management arhaan control of Mon II Disaster will be taken over by the State Level Authority or by mobilizing certain sources under the state control.

To ensure the electrical power should be supplied again as soon as the situation is back to normal. To form working committee if necessary, so that the works of handling the disaster by Welfare Committee, Transportation Committee etc.

Need to and could be able to handled by Central Authority with or without foreign help. To prepare a detailed report based on chronology of search and rescue works done at the scene of incident.

To supply with electricity through a mobile generator temporarily during search and rescue operation. To form sub-committee if necessary at mukim, village, residents association or Rukun Tetangga neighborhood level to assist with the work of disaster management on scene.

To coordinate the requirement in Disaster Management and Relief, such as to decide on logistic assistance and requisition of tools and machinery needed temporarily owned by government agencies or private arxhan.

Need to and could be able to be controlled by State Level Authority with or without a limited help from outside.

This zone also has to be purposely aragan in response to the security and movement by Royal Malaysia Police or RELA where moving in and out are allowed only to the authorized persons only. To control and cordon special areas at the sight of incident. Medical Depot Service To provide emergency treatment service to victims and rescuers.