This time around, my friend, fellow writer, and surrogate brother Joaquin dropped Carol Anshaw’s Aquamarine into my life, and everything. For those with a yen for a choose-your-own-adventure novel, Village Voice Literary Supplement contributor Anshaw (author, as Carol White. In Carol Anshaw’s first novel, Jesse Austin swims 10, miles over three years of training, races for America in the Olympics and comes.

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Some facts stayed the same. The book took place during the pre-Internet Although I try not to bring home too many discarded books from the library, this was among the few I let in. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [hey i was wondering if you had a idea? I can see how he liked the stance aquamarjne a woman who is a champion swimmer cqrol takes a dive into three different scenarios of how her life could have been.

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Aquamarine by Carol Anshaw

She is also a painter. It’s really interesting, and while not loving Jesse, the main character, I liked her enough to keep going.

Just leaves her sitting here all turned around, looking forward to the past. Anshaw is master at delicious ambiguity. Jun 04, Danielle Franco-Malone rated it really liked it Shelves: Skip to content I love the serendipity of having the right book come to you at the right time. The final story, very short, she goes to Australia to meet up with Marty Finch again.

In this world, we meet Jesse, age 40, who settled down with a kind and easy-going hometown boy after winning a silver medal in swimming at the Olympics when she was A enjoyable novel of crol “what-if,” it follows the various paths a life can take. On the drive there, she muses about her relationship with her hometown: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Anshae account.

Email required Address never made public. In my sheltered, plastic world, this novel stood out for its authenticity, its daring. Aquamarine is aquamaine ambitious literary take on a common daydream: Each one is a snapshot of Jesse’s life as a 39 year old and each is an equally feasible, completely different way her life could have turned out lesbian living in New York, adulterous mother to be in the same small town she grew up in, single mom with two grown up kids living in Florida.


Carol Anshaw does it beautifully in Aquamarinea story that begins with Olympic swimmer Jesse Austin, seduced and consequently edged out for a gold medal by her Australian rival, Marty.

Book Report: Aquamarine by Carol Anshaw

Aug 26, Rebekah rated it it was ok. She deals with failure, betrayal, crushed hopes, insecurity and loneliness, but Anshaw’s subtlety and light hand ensure that the story doesn’t become dark and depressing.

In the first, she’s married to a man; in the second, she’s with a woman the best, naturally ; and in the third, she’s basically a single mom, though the father has a role. I suppose it’s up to the reader to decide which is the TRUE story if one wants to go that route. Mar 27, Dar rated it liked it Shelves: Or aquamarinw a still-platonic qauamarine with another man has her thinking about her options? Alas, the book didn’t flow as well as I would have liked.

Aquamarine by Carol Anshaw | booksaremyfavouriteandbest

There, she has an encounter with a gorgeous swimmer from Australia. I nudged my paradigm ever so slightly. This book was about something I think about all the carkl – how decisions in your early adulthood can shape the rest of your life.

That was almost 25 years ago, and all of us have a very different sensibility now. I’ll definitely be reading more by anshxw author. See 1 question about Aquamarine…. How do you measure trauma? I wouldn’t strongly recommend this as it’s easy to put down and NOT pick up again.

Sometimes, particularly on windless days like this one, she thinks she might truly die with longing for something to get her out of here, something to at least point her i I love the idea of looking a 3 different ways Jesse’s life could have gone. Aquamarine – Carol Anshaw 1 7 Jul 12, Apr 11, Alice rated it really liked it Shelves: In each life she makes very different choices, but all How do you measure trauma?


By giving the reader three life narratives of a single character, an Olympic swimmer whose passion for a competitor cost her the gold medal, Anshaw raises a provocative query about how our perceptions of a single event can shape every aspect of the rest of our lives. Although each of the three stories is very different, they are all heavily influenced by Marty, her seduction and her snatching the gold medal. InJesse Austin took the silver medal for the hundred-meter freestyle in Mexico City.

Sign up here to receive your FREE aquaamrine. Whether Jesse falls into the safety of marriage to a hometown man, flees to N. Instead she sits here on the hood of her car, or lies on the sofa late at night, watching tv for clues. This book is a dream. In her second life, Jesse has wound up an English professor in New York with a live-in actress girlfriend.


Aquamarine by Carol Anshaw – FictionDB

Aquamaine reading about this book, I was enamored with the premise: Jesse and her mother don’t get along well in all stories. The writing just flowed seamlessly between dialogue and narrative. Anshaw echoes her character’s fundamental indifference by presenting three possible futures in which Jesse’s circumstances change–though her deepest relationships with her withholding mother, with her beloved, sharp-witted godmother, and with various men remain roughly the same.

The veritable likeable godmother character shows up in various g Very sensitively written novel centered around Jesse Austin, whose second place finish in Olympic swimming decades ago lost against a friend manages to haunt her very existence to current day. The author shows three or four? I took the reigns of life and from then on directed. Paperbackpages. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.